The Nightfall VOX-FX Pro offers an image rich in details, and in terms of overall capability, states detection of heat sources up to 1250 metres away. Weighing 420 grams, the VOX-FX Pro is well equipped for hunting and stalking and thanks to the effective VOX detector with 17 µm pitch, the device is also especially suited for an after-after search. The manual focusing of the 35mm objective diameter allows for an optimal adjustment to any area. With 2.5x optical lens and 2x & 4x digital zoom, the 50Hz image frequency offers shake-free images in real time. Featuring white, black, red and full colour modes, the Vox-FX Pro can record and over 10,000 images or four hours of video. With long range WiFi technology, the Vox-FX Pro can be used in combination with a drone and enables cable-free live transmission up to 40 metres.

SRP: £2,300

RUAG Ammotec UK

01579 362319

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