Clothing brand Chevalier is set to concentrate more on the UK market in 2018, increasing its presence in all parts of the British Isles.

The company, which has been manufacturing hunting apparel since 1950, is looking to appoint more dealers in Britain, primarily to stock its hunting garments but also for its lifestyle ranges.

A Chevalier spokesperson said: “We, as Chevalier, believe that there is demand in the existing shooting industry for an innovative, distinctive and high end market brand. To meet the requirements of our customers we will have a team of agents covering The South, the Mid and the North of the UK, including Ireland and the British Isles. At this moment we also have a dedicated agent for Scotland.

“Chevalier will be supporting their retailers as much as they can to get a considerable share in their market by using printed media, digital media, fairs and brand ambassadors. Chevalier is also developing eye-catching point-of-sale items to support the stores to brand the Chevalier name.

For more information, contact or 07539 544592.


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