Gun Trade News is going to keep you safe and sound, as we take a look at the second part of our essential range of protective gear available for all disciplines

Kit Eagle Shooting Glasses 

Away from Shotguns, Browning’s host of shooting accessories includes the Kit Eagle Shooting Glasses. Available with yellow, black, orange or clear lenses, the Kit Eagle comes as a set of two pairs. Secured with a rigid storage box, the eyewear also benefits from lenses treated for dirt resistance, ensuring there is no impediment to clear vision of the target. 

SRP: £76


01235 514550

PUULL Eyeglasses 

PUULL eyeglasses have excellent wrap-around and optical protection, and are designed to maximise the focus of the athlete on his target.

The Scarlett lens are designed for balanced colours and enhancing the skyline in high resolution. Purple lenses are designed to kill green hues – with true depth of background, they enhance orange targets.

Magenta lenses boost target orange too, and provide vibrant colour enhancement. 

SRP: £249.95 (with three lenses) 


01489 579500

Komodo Pro

The latest generation of shooting glasses have a unique sensor to detect light invasion.

The lenses compensate automatically, allowing wearers to shoot directly toward the sun, with associated benefits for game and clay shooting. The unique voltaic (solar-powered) microchip reacts to prevailing light conditions to reduce glare within a tenth of a second.

Each pair is supplied with a polycarbonate inset frame and bullet proof lenses tested to ANSI787.1, Komodo Pro Sunglasses also come with a lifetime warranty. 

SRP: £185 

Komodo Pro

01750 725770

Shooting Safety Glasses 

This range of Shooting Safety Glasses are available with clear, smoke or yellow lenses. Provided in boxes of 12 units, these eye protectors are ideal for regular shooters, corporate customers, spectators and staff members.

The simplistic design offers protection against dust, chips, and bits. The polycarbonate impact lens are also light weight, comfortable and comply with EN166-F (Low Energy Impact) as recommended by the CPSA.

Trade price: £1.25 per pair (plus VAT) 


01622 662121

Ear Defenders 

These lightweight Ear Defenders are designed for convenience and can fit in the palm of your hand. Providing excellent noise reduction, they are designed with comfortable ear cushioning. Available in green or blue, they are available from Fairfax (Shooting Product) in boxes of 10 units. The headgear is also rated CE EN352-1 


01622 662121

Bisley Active Hearing Protection

This pair of active muffs allows and even amplifies non-harmful sound, but the Active Hearing Protection also offers 24dB protection. This useful feature is ideal when listening to instructors.

The battery-powered (AAA) protectors are compatible with digital hearing aids and feature slimline folding cups and independent controls on each ear. 

SRP: £85.95

John Rothery

02392 245350

Caldwell E-Max Low Profile Hearing Protection

The smart and comfortable over-ear hearing defenders feature intelligent electronics allowing the user to continue to hear clearly with normal use through the integrated microphone and speaker system; but when the microphone senses a sound over 85 decibels, the speakers shut off. This fully protects the users hearing while also removing the disadvantages of wearing hearing protection.

The E-Max Low Profile model is designed to be just that, low profile. They are comfortable to wear and are slim enough to minimise their contact with your gun. The Caldwell E-Max Low Profile Electronic Hearing Protection is available in a range of colours including green, Mossy Oak Break Up camo and pink.

SRP: £49.99 

Sportsman Gun Centre 

01392 354870

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