Gun Trade News is going to keep you safe and sound, as we take a look at the first part of our essential range of protective gear available for all disciplines

Peltor Bulls Eye

There are many passive muffs available on the market and the Peltor Bulls Eye is a good choice if you’re after value for money. Slim and lightweight, they have a folding design to keep them from taking up too much room in your bag. The foam-filled over-ear muffs are comfy and keep your ears warm in winter. 

SRP: £24.99


01223 570488

Napier SR Glasses

SR is competitive sports eyewear, designed to allow for a full 180 degree field of view and maximising performance and comfort. Complete with five interchangeable lenses to suit all lighting conditions, the new Napier Ricochet lens is optically correct and made from the highest quality polycarbonate to offer unrivaled protection.

Grey lenses are best for high level light and reduce glare. Vermillion lenses suit low light and boost visibility and contrast. Sodium lenses filter blue light for fog and haze. Bronze lenses solid all-rounders and Lilac lenses are good for low light and impact protection without colour change. 

SRP: £119.65


01235 812993

Howard Leight Impact Sport 

These water resistant electronic ear defenders provide optimum protection, while still allowing ambient noise to filter through. The Impact Sport have low-profile ear cup design that allows full clearance of the gun stock, while the convenient folding design make for easy storage.

Able to shut out noise up to 82dB, the easily controlled headset use a simple power and volume knob with a four-hour automatic shut off to improve battery life. The Impact Sport also boasts an Aux Jack for MP3 and Smartphone connectivity. 

SRP: £78.00

Edgar Brothers 

01625 613177

Evolution Connect 

Launched at IWA in 2018, the Evolution Connect offer a rimless design and provide unobscured vision, while anti-fog coating and shatter-proofing rounds off the lenses.

A slimline design makes them ideal for wearing with ear defenders. Available in seven colours, Evolution Connect will retail with a four-lens interchangeable eyewear set, ideal for both clay target and game shooters. 

Individual colours SRP: £199.95 

4-Lens Interchangeable Set: £49.95

Evolution Eyewear

01256 533955

Sportear XP3

The Sportear XP3 plugs are a passive valve plug, designed for more comfort over longer term use. The handed plastic guides fit inside the lobe of the ear, keeping the plugs in position and reducing the likelihood that they will loosen or fall out. These ‘one size fits all’  plugs are an affordable and popular option amongst shooters.

SRP: £16.99


(866) 422 5502

Passive Custom Moulded Ear Plugs

Mercury Hearing manufacture passive moulded plugs and attended the British Shooting Show offering on-stand ear impressions.  In effect most of these plugs work in exactly the same way as the inexpensive passive valve plugs, but the comfort and fit offered by a custom-made set is unparalleled. Some shooters opt to have them made with a lanyard that can be worn around the neck.

SRP: From £90.00 

Mercury Custom Plugs

01444 400494

Sordin Supreme Basic

Sordin make headsets that are widely used by the British Army, so they know a thing or two about hearing protection. The Supreme Basic is their entry level muff and offers unamplified 1:1 sound reproduction (approximately at the same level as not wearing muffs) whilst blocking out harmful sound pulses. The Supreme Basic also features a folding design to minimise bulk when stored.

SRP: £99.00 


ProFlex DX5

The new ProFlex DX5s are CENS’ top of the range module. The sound quality is superb by comparison to the Gen1 Proflex digitals and the DX5 features battery tray covers with metallic finishes, unlike the flat colours in the rest of the range, and the old, multifunction control wheel has been replaced by an on/off button and a toggle switch for volume. 

The big selling point of the DX5 is the range of modes it offers: Game, Clay, Range, Hunter, and finally wireless comms mode (allowing the user to communicate via an induction loop device).

Each of these offers a different processing mode, and in practice the level of ambient noise and reverb you perceive changes a lot from mode to mode. On/off is instant, and the supplied PureCell Batteries last a long while. The modules are also covered by a two year warranty and include two free services.

SRP: £699.00

Cens Digital 

016734 733883

Vario Revolution

Vario’s interchangeable modular system allows you to choose between a range of options fitted into custom moulded plugs, including a large range of passive filters and Vario’s new Bluetooth 5 modules.

These protect you from gunshot noise while allowing you to hear speech and other sounds – such as a trap releasing a clay. 

You can choose between 11 different programs, from ‘Whisper’ which counters ambient noise to allow you to focus fully, to ‘Gamekeeper’ which, the company says, provides superhuman hearing. Other features include wind noise reduction, intelligent battery management, a two-year warranty and a 30-day no-quibble money back guarantee.

Vario’s universal buds allow you to try before you buy at selected retailers and events.

SRP: £449

Vario Plugs  

0800 690 6900

Bolle Safety Glasses 

Bolle’s Safety Glasses provide an all rounder with a panoramic visual field and wrap-around fit without any visual interference. The Cobra range offers 180 degree vision and perfect optical quality.

The option of swapping the temples for an adjustable strap and foam edge means Cobra is a highly versatile model. With a range of over 10 specifications Cobra continue their transition from security and military usage to applications in the shooting world.

Each line is designed with unique qualities and these will soon be on the market as an interchangeable set.

SBI Tac Pro 

01666 575273

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