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Anglo Arms Air Gun Pellets

Available in both domed and pointed, Anglo Arms pellets are designed for a stable flight over long distances with high levels of accuracy. Supplied in waterproof tins of 500 pellets, distributors Sporting Wholesale supply two sizes to choose from, so can be used in all types of .22 or .177 caliber pistols or rifles.

Anglo Arms
03451 242929

Power Pellets

Power Pellets have been achieving outstanding results in competition and field and are presented pre- treated with Napier’s world acclaimed Power Pellet Lube.

The benefits of using Power Pellet Lube have been proven for almost two decades, and following feedback from shooters and the industry, Napier have now incorporated the chemical into each tin of pellets at final packing stage.

This ensures that exactly the correct dose has been applied and that the pellets cannot oxidise in storage, they will perform perfectly in every type of airgun straight from the tin.

Available in: .177 Hunter, .177 Target, .22 Hunter, .22 Target, .22 UPH

01235 812993

Marksman Pellets

The relaunched Marksman Target Pellets come in 4.5mm and are ideal for rotary magazine air pistols. Weighing in at 7.8 grains, these would make ideal entry-level pellets for first-time shooters.

The range of Marksman pellets also includes domed pellets on the market in .177, .22 and .25 cals and pointed equivalents in .177 and .22. The pellets vary from lightweight 8.02 grain .177 round heads to 19 grain .25 round heads, making the range versatile and effective additions to the budget end of the market.

All pellets are packaged and distributed in attractive and colourful classic boxes or tins and can start from at little as £3 per tin. 

Lincoln Jeffries 
01213 593343 | sales@marksmanpellets.com

JSB Predator Polymag Short

Hollow point lead pellets with a red polymer tip for penetration and high energy transfer.

This newer “short” model will fit into PCP airguns that operate using a rotating magazine, whilst still allowing free rotation of the magazine and self-indexing. In .177 (8.002gr) and .22 (15.89gr) in tins of 200.

They are sold to retailers in packs of just 10 tins of each calibre. 

SRP: From £14.99 per tin
John Rothery
02392 245350

Pulsar Saxon Laminate

Daystate displayed celebratory variants of their iconic Pulsar PCP at the British Shooting Show as the company celebrated their 40th anniversary.

Their flagship bullpup with its avant garde electronic action will feature stylish laminate woodwork previously appointed on the limited edition Saxon, which debuted in 2016.

The Pulsar with Saxon Laminate will be available in .177, .22m .25 and .303 calibres with power levels up to 70ft/lbs. The design is complemented by a ballistic nylon forend that sports a picatinny rail for fitting accessories.

A 10-shot auto-loading mag, reversible solid side-lever, integral laser sight, and LCD display finish off this highly-advanced PCP bullpup.  

SRP: From £1699.99 
01785 859122 

Qiang Yuan Olympic Range

The Shooting Party are exclusive distributors of Qiang Yuan Sports Goods range of Olympic medal-winning pellets. A popular pellet the world over, the 7.8 grain shot shows virtually zero weight variation pellet-to-pellet.

The Olympic and Match grades are individually hand-selected and packed in styrofoam trays of two sliding layers of 100 per box. Training Grade and FT Domed come in 500 pellet-count tubs.

These flat-head pellets are available in 4.49mm and 4.5mm head sizes and will be joined in the UK market by a new .22 (5.5mm) range which TSP expect to compete with JSB Diablo.

SRP: “Olympic” Grade .177 – £10.99 (per of 200)
– “Match” Grade .177 – £ 6.99 (per of 200)
– “Training” Grade .177 – £ 9.99 (per of 500)
– “FT Domed” Grade .177 – £ 9.99 (per of 500)

The Shooting Party 
01543 480361

Diana Pellets

Also accompanying the Diana range are their range of high-end pellets. The classic sport pellets are designed for pest control and target shooting, and available in .22 and .177 calibers.

The High Power airgun pellet is designed to be heavier and more accurate making it ideal for powerful rifles. .22 cals weigh 21.14 grains and .177 are 10.65 grains.

The German pellet makers have also designed a mid-range pellet – the Exact Diabolo (pictured) These lead shots are ideal for long-range accuracy.

Sports Pellet SRP from £5.80 (tin of 500)
High Power SRP from £9 (tin of 200)
Exact Diabolo SRP from £14.90 (tin of 500)

Edgar Brothers
01625 613177

RWS Field Kit

Buying a variety of pellets can be expensive but the RWS Field Kit offers a great solution by providing a selection of five different pellet designs without having to buy 500 of each.

The .177 Field Kit includes 200 each of RWS’s Superdome, Superpoint Extra, Super Field, Powerball and Supermag pellets. There’s also a .22 option with 100 each of Superdome, Superpoint Extra, Super Field, Power Piercing and Super H-Point pellet lines.

These kits offer shooters a great way to test a variety of tried and trusted pellets with different weights and shapes on the range before splashing out large supplies.

RRP: £14 for .177, £12 for .22
01579 362319

ATA Airborne

Riding the wave of new product releases from ATA, the Airborne is the brands first venture into the air rifle market.

It is a PCP, available in .22 and .177. It’s stock is high-grade Turkish walnut with laser etched detailed grip, designed with contemporary geometry and carefully planned ergonomics.

It also features a picatinny rail, external pressure gauge, side-lever cocking mechanism and comes with two ten-shot rotary magazines. 

SRP: £399.99
Sportsman Gun Centre 
01392 354870 

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