The FLIR Breach tactical thermal imaging monocular is built for the rigours of tactical use, but equally at home for foxing or deer management applications, allowing users to spot the heat of animals and objects in total darkness. With a new HD resolution display, FLIR Boson core, and compact design, the Breach offers unmatched tactical awareness with a new 12μm high performance thermal sensor matched to a 1280×960 high res display with upscaling to provide 640 core resolution with an HD display. The FLIR Breach can be used handheld or attached to a helmet for tactical applications as well as milsim and airsoft. Weighing only 210 grams it adds minimal weight to all the other equipment a shooter carries. Additional features include video recording, and seven colour palettes for fast detection of targets, day or night.

SRP: £2,344

Scott Country

01556 503587

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