Thermal imaging gear has long been regarded as being prohibitively expensive but this monocular from FLIR brings serious tech closer to the budget of the average shooter. It’s a great tool for covert observation, enabling light-free reconnaissance before creeping within range and flicking on the lamp. Very light to carry at just 170g, this tough waterproof unit is easy to use with single-hand operation and can pick up the heat signature of quarry species out to 100m. A rechargeable internal battery gives a runtime of up to five hours in typical conditions, and it starts up in less than five seconds. Features include instant image and video capture, adjustable brightness, 9Hz refresh rate, built in 640×480-pixel LCD display and a choice of video colour palettes, including white and black hot, FLIR InstAlert and Graded Fire. Supplied with neck lanyard, USB cable and lens cap.

Price: £559.00

Scott Country

01556 503587

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