As part of its ongoing investment in its UK factory, gunsafe manufacturer Brattonsound Engineering has recently taken delivery of a new Bystronic Xpert 100/3100 CNC folding machine.

Brattonsound has manufactured all of its gunsafes in the UK since the company was founded in 1982. The addition of this state-of-the-art machine will expand what the company claims is one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the industry.

Sales Manager James Tagg explained: “As the foremost gunsafe manufacturer in the UK the Brattonsound name has become synonymous with high quality products and superb customer service.

“Buying a Brattonsound safe is a guarantee of value, quality and security.  It also minimises your environmental impact whilst protecting UK manufacturing jobs.”

“At a time when most other gunsafes brands are imported from Europe, and even as far afield as China, we are proud to support British jobs, comply with this country’s high environmental standards and save the need to transport gunsafes hundreds or even thousands of miles to place them for sale in the UK.  

Brattonsound are so confident of the quality of their gunsafes that their entire range, which includes the Atlas, Titan, Sentinel Plus and Sentinel brands, is backed up by the company’s comprehensive three year on-site warranty.

James concluded: “Many imported gunsafes are made to a lower standards and may not have been tested to BS7558, which is your basic guarantee of police acceptance. Why compromise on your security? When it comes to gunsafes quality really does matter.”

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