The SP is a new unique option for shooters looking to control eye dominance both Gun up or Gun down, this is changing how shooters are able to tackle eye dominance.

With recommendations from top grounds and coaches this discreet solution is proving a challenge to the normal conventions.

Unlike any other product on the market the SP allows initial control during the set-up by creating a unique stimulant for the eye. The brain reacts to the unique image in the shooters peripheral vision leading to the eye over the rib creating the shot picture with firm focus on the clay or bird and not the gun – it’s simple but highly effective.

Designed to be discreet on the gun it makes it perfect for all clay disciplines and game shooting. The high bond tape means the SP is secured on the gun but can be removed if necessary and replacement tapes ordered to place on a new gun.

Already proven at the World Championship level with a Ladies Silver at the ICTSF World championships in Ireland 2019 and Vets Bronze at the European DTL Championships 2019 the product and brand is growing both nationally and internationally.

The product has been designed and developed in the UK and the company has sourced the product and all the support from UK companies. Patents filed cover the UK, Europe and USA.

Presented in a useful reusable tin with an embossed logo, the SP is supplied with smart folding instructions developing into two A4 printed sides of fitting instructions and hints and tips.

A wipe is also included along with a holder card presenting the SP to the customer. Trade options for UK distribution and stocking.

Tel: 01270 388255

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