Hawke Optics has secured an exclusive distribution agreement with AirMaks arms. The deal will be in effect from August.

The team at Hawke have been admirers of the AirMaks Arms brand for a number of years. Over the past few months, they have developed a close relationship with Konstantin Kornievskiy, AirMaks’ owner, and Chris Roberts of CDR Guns, their current distributor. Their passion for the brand and their vision for success in the UK resonated with Hawke Optics, and Chris Roberts has been retained as AirMaks Arms’s UK technical supremo, fronting a fully-functioning UK service centre. 

“Chris’s involvement was pivotal. He knows AirMaks Arms inside out and approves every rifle before sale—this will continue.” promised Hawke Optics UK Sales Director Jamie Ransome.

The AirMaks Arms product range includes the Caiman, Krait (pictured) and Katran models. 

“We see massive potential in AirMaks Arms,” continued Jamie. “Hawke Optics wants to take them to the level that the brand deserves to be at, we can look to achieve this with our brand backing along with the support of the trade.”

UK retailers can look forward to robust support and availability of AirMaks Arms products, with the first shipment expected during August. Hawke Optics has promised to keep dealers and their customers’ expectations realistic, building stock holding as quickly as possible.

To find out about forthcoming promotions to incentivise its trade partners contact Jamie on 0345 345 5555.


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