Game shooting doesn’t have to break the bank – here are a range of shotgun and cartridge options ideal for shooting quarry on a budget

Yildiz Pro Black

The Yildiz Pro Black is an attractive under and over with a shallow Boss style steel action and grade 4 walnut as standard. It has ejectors and comes with five chokes, manual safe, 28” / 30” / 32” barrels and is supplied in ABS hard case. Also available in an adjustable comb model, the Yildiz Pro Black is stylish, reliable and affordable way to enjoy the upcoming game season. 

Standard Stock SRP: £1,595
Adjustable Stock SRP: £1,795
Raytrade UK    01635 253344

Zoli Game Standard 

The Game Standard features a hybrid design, meaning that it is equipped to excel, both as a Technical Sporter and as a Classic Game Gun. Don’t be fooled by this models elegant aesthetic.

The Game Standard is a serious product, designed with optimum functionality and performance in mind. It is the only shotgun in its class to feature a detachable trigger unit and silver soldered barrels.

Perfectly balanced, with a well placed grip, this model’s energy efficiency ensures noticeably low recoil – enabling shooters to focus their attention on what matters.

Available in 12 and 20 gauge, plus three barrel lengths 28”, 29.5” and 32”, this ideal all-rounder is supplied with Turkish walnut stock and detailed engravings and comes with the Edgar Brothers five year warranty as standard.

SRP: £2,200
Edgar Brothers 01625 613177

ATA SP Silverline Game 

ATA have collaborated with the Sportsman Gun Centre to add an extra level of luxury to the standard SP line of guns. The latest addition is the SP Silverline, which launched at The Game Fair. 

Initially offered in 12GA the Silverline will feature an all-new screwless sideplate design and highly figured selected walnut stock. A deep chased ornamental scroll design that extends across the action and onto the underside of the gun adds to the aesthetics of this shotgun.

To contrast the deep engraved actions, the SP Silverline Game features oil-finished pistol gripped stocks and depending on configuration, schnabel or rounded forends, which are coupled with a set of chrome-lined 28” or 30” barrels. The package is complete with a set of five flush-fitting multi-chokes. 

SP Silverline Game SRP: £1,749.99
Sportsman Gun Centre    01392 354870

Marocchi First

For those game shooters who prefer an over and under. Marocchi has developed a First. Created to provide a gun of Italian quality and style at a price suitable for beginners or those who just want a shotgun at the right price to use as a working tool. 

With the receiver and tail produced from aluminium this makes the First lightweight and easy to use. Engraved with animals, First incorportes the same qualities as higher end models. Skillfully assembled this shotgun embodies durability and reliability. 

SRP: £1,045
Viking Arms 01423 780810

Lincoln Elite Deluxe

The Lincoln Elite was developed to satisfy the needs of those hunters who require a strong and sound, yet elegant and refined gun. When tradition meets beauty, the Lincoln Elite Deluxe is the result.

Featuring all the things you need in a game gun; excellent handling and balance combined with good looks. The Lincoln Elite Deluxe is steel shot proofed in 12G or 20G and can be found with 28”, 30” or 32” barrels depending on the needs and physicality of the shooter.

The side plates and trigger guard are beautifully engraved, featuring gold inlays of game birds. The stock is walnut with FX finish which really highlights the grain, and is fitted with rubber recoil pad by the Italian manufacturer F.A.I.R. 

SRP: £1,450
John Rothery  02392 245350

Huglu 103 FE

The Huglu 103 FE is a true example of value for money. This hand engraved side plate shotgun showcases an elegantly designed action, as well as a beautifully crafted Turkish walnut stock.

The FE is available in 20G & 12G with 28” & 30” barrel length options. Designed with a ventilated rib and 3” chamber, the FE is also proofed for steel shot. Choose between a silver or black side plate, this model comes presented in an ABS case along with 5 multi-chokes and choke key.

SRP £975
Range Right 01423 881919 

Game One Light 

Anyone who moves around a great deal when they are hunting small game will tell you the same: the weight of the gun is a decisive factor for a successful day. The alloy action frame lightens the gun by several hundred grams which will make all the difference. 

Those who argue that an alloy action frame is less resilient, Brownings’ response is to place steel inserts on the breech face, thereby protecting the aluminium of the action frame. Others will suggest you reduced weight is bound to produce more unpleasant recoil.

Browning reply that the Inflex 20mm recoil pad is one of the most effective on the market. The GameOne Light is also engraved with hunting scenes, and is available in left-handed and Micro versions. 

SRP: £2059 
Browning  01235 514550

F16 Heritage

German engineering meets exquisite design in the bold and beautiful F16 Heritage. The outstanding balance of the F16 puts the center of gravity between the hands of the shooter, resulting in fantastic pointability and greatly reduced recoil.

The elegant semi-round body action provides the ideal basis for intricate engravings. The F16 Heritage  is available in either traditional game motif or finely detailed English Arabesque. The stock is made of selected grade eight walnut wood, originating in the high regions of the Caucasus.

Available in 12GA, the Game version offers you the choice of a 28’’ or 30’’ barrel. Blaser will be releasing a limited run of matched pairs of the Heritage this season.

01483 917412

Check back tomorrow with part two of Market Opportunities: cartridges!

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