We’re bringing you another roundup of the illuminating equipment night shooters will be buying this winter

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 

The ATN X-Sight is a state-of-the-art digital day and night scope, and the 4K Pro model boasts even more features than its predecessors. Running an Obsidian IV Dual Core it produces a high-resolution colour image by day and a sharp monochrome NV image at night.

It has a recording feature to save live shooting action to micro SD card, and can stream to iOS and Android phones. 

Other technical wizardry includes 3D gyroscope, 3D accelerometer, electronic compass, and e-barometer. It even boasts a rangefinder function and a ballistic calculator to automatically shift the point of aim to compensate for wind and gravity. You can choose from a selection of reticle designs and colours, and ATN states a runtime of 18 hours from the internal lithium ion battery.

Despite its high-tech features, the 4K Pro is easy to use in its 3-14x and 5-20x variants, which weigh 940g and 1010g respectively. Both models are covered by a two-year warranty and come with accessories including mounts, eyecup and USB lead.

3-14X SRP: £849 
5-20X SRP: £949
Highland Outdoors 
0845 099 0252

FLIR Scout TK Thermal Imaging Monocular

This thermal-imaging monocular from FLIR is a great tool for covert observation, enabling light-free reconnaissance before creeping within range and flicking on the lamp.

Very light at just 170g, this tough, waterproof unit is easy to use with single-hand operation and can pick up the heat signature of quarry species out to 100m.

A rechargeable internal battery gives a runtime of up to five hours in typical conditions, and it starts up in less than five seconds. Features include instant image and video capture, adjustable brightness, 9Hz refresh rate, 160×120-pixel thermal resolution, built in 640×480-pixel LCD display and a choice of video colour palettes, including white and black hot, FLIR InstAlert and Graded Fire. Supplied with neck lanyard, USB cable and lens cap.

SRP: £559
Scott Country
01556 503587

LTO Tracker HD Thermal Viewer 

Compact and light enough to take on even the farthest backcountry hunt, an LTO-Tracker HD shows you the heat signature of game, blood trails and more – day or night.

The new LTO-Tracker HD takes thermal to another level; the second generation thermal sensor detects heat out to 750 yards (780m). With a predetermined reticle and up to 6x digital zoom, the LTO Thermal tracker is essential gear for stalkers and big game hunters. 

SRP: From £1,042
Viking Arms 
01423 780810 

NiteSite Viper

The NiteSite Viper fits to a normal day scope to convert it to night vision, so there’s no need to have a second NV combo or change optics and re-zero. This affordable unit has a night-time detection range of up to 100m, which is more than enough for targeting rabbits with an air rifle, and the power can also be turned down for close-range ratting. 

Weighing in at around 650g when assembled, the kit includes a combined screen and 850 nM illuminator module and fitments to attach it to 25 or 30mm scopes, camera module and rubber attachment sleeves, scope-mounted rechargeable battery pack and mains charger.

Battery runtime is up to seven hours with IR at mid-power. Simple to set up and easy to use, the NiteSite does require a head-up shooting position that can take some getting used to but it performs brilliantly when using the support of a bipod or sticks.

SRP: £299
01759 377235 

Wicked Lights A67ic Predator Pursuit 

The Wicked Lights A67ic Predator Pursuit is a high-power gunlight system for controlling vermin, featuring a centre axis rotational 3-in-1 colour LED to deliver a stunning bright red, white or green selectable beam that will provide identification of quarry well in excess of any targetable distance.

A crystal-clear beam really is as high-quality as they get. Each kit comes complete with adjustable mount, intensity control tail cap and remote switch, scope fitting kit, batteries and charger.

SRP: £249.99 (Kit)
Scott Country 
01556 503587

Essentials Day & Night Viewer

New to the night vision market, Elite has released the Elite Essentials day and night vision viewer – designed specifically for nature observation, search and rescue, and pest control. 

The NV400 contains a single, large screen for viewing with both eyes and ensures there is no problem of eye burn associated with night vision monoculars.

The single focus wheel makes the NV400 easy to use and generates a sharp picture up to 400m even in low light. The unit also allows the user to record footage and is supplied with a 8GB TF card.

SRP: £222 [TRADE: £129.09 +VAT]
Elite Optical Distribution
01803 658369

Ledlenser P7 Gun Kit

Impressive lighting performance and compact design combine effortlessly in this award-winning torch. Patented Advanced Focus System optics ensure seamless spot or flood beam illumination.

Up to 450 lumens on full power, up to 300m range. Gun Kit includes torch, gun mount, set of four filters, pressure switch, belt pouch, wrist strap and 4x AAA batteries.

SRP: £79.95
John Rothery
02392 245350 

Optical Dynamics OD40 Long Distance Illuminator

This is not a torch – the OD40 projects a pure column of light with a field of view of 27ft at 50yds and up to 108ft at 200yds. Identify targets at up to 150yds in a circle of pure, crisp light as the beam doesn’t fade, leave dark spots or reflect back into your eyes.

No light generated from the OD40 is reflected back to illuminate the hunter. The on-board CALS system (Collimated Amplified Lens System) gives a pure, clean light that is so clean that the waves of light are unaltered. This allows an animal to take the light without a negative reaction.

The OD40 Kit contains OD40 illuminator, protective case, filter set, gun mount, pressure switch, cleaning cloth and batteries. 

SRP: £239.95
John Rothery
02392 245350 

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