These are the latest Christmas crackers that are set to get shooters jolly this festive season.

Womens field vest

Made from bespoke British Le Chameau tweed, the elegant LCW18 Women’s field vest is both flattering and stylish in its design. The vest features half-bellows shooting pockets with highly durable poly-suede pocket bearers and concealed snaps which can be fastened securely when the pockets are not in use.

The pockets are made to withstand weight and feature a water-resistant lining and two drainage holes to allow rainwater to escape efficiently. There is also a Napoleon pocket on the front of the vest and highly durable poly-suede gun patches. The Women’s Field Vest fastens with the left wrapping over the right, to avoid exposed buttons on the shooter’s side.

Le Chameau
0330 331 0700

Siege Lantern X

Waterproof up to a depth of one metre, and engineered to float, the Siege is built to survive in the harshest environments. The rubber moulded base provides stability on slippery or uneven surfaces. Spring loaded D-rings allow the Siege to hang upright or inverted for a versatile and portable light source.

Removing the cover illuminates large areas, ideal for camping or expeditions. With a 12-day run time on low battery, four white LEDs provide 340 lumens, while a fifth red LED features a flash SOS mode for emergency signalling. 


Eley Hawk 2020 diary

The new Eley Hawk 2020 shooters’ diary is now available in UK gun shops and direct from the cartridge manufacturer. The front 50 pages are packed full of information, addresses, advice and key diary dates.

Bound in Eley Hawk green with gold embossed cover, it includes a handy pencil in the spine to make notes, and dedicated game bag recording pages. This diary makes an excellent stocking filler to keep shooters organised throughout the seasons. 

Eley Hawk 
01213 523272

Aigle Gloves

These Aigle gloves are an essential winter-warmer for any kind of hunting. For more dexterity, there is a fold-back trigger finger and they are extremely comfortable thanks to their suede-effect interior.

Waterproof, windproof and breathable (watertight seams), the gloves features a detachable finger with velcro strap, adjustable cuffs, ultra-flexible faux suede palm lining. The soft and comfortable gloves are 100 per cent lambskin leather.

02076 601576

Staghorn thumbstick on hazel

This smart, traditionally styled stick overcomes the problem of how to travel with a long thumbstick. Approximately 160cm tall, this stick is fitted with a screw joints so it can be easily dismantled.

Two or three-part options are available. The Staghorn handle is mounted on a sturdy hazel shaft, which is fitted with a Combi-spike ferrule (a rubber ferrule over a spiked one). An excellent present for countryside enthusiasts and avid game shots. 

Classic Canes
01460 75686

Swazi hunter socks

Designed for adventurous hunters who depend on durability, comfort and warmth to contend with rugged and testing terrain in all seasons, the new Hunter Sock from cult New Zealand outdoor clothing brand Swazi ensures feet are suitably equipped every step of the way.

Featuring a full terry lining for superior comfort and reduced fatigue, the sock is made from fine New Zealand Merino wool for unbeatable warmth and moisture absorption, with just a touch of acrylic for extra loft and nylon to ensure longevity.

The sole is reinforced for durability, while a soft rib top, elasticised leg and foot arch and Y-shaped heel keep the sock snug. The socks are designed in green and range from XS to 4XL 


Pro shot stopper

Bore guides should be used when cleaning a bolt-action rifle to protect the bore throat and keep cleaning solvent from getting into the trigger mechanism.

Pro-shot bore guides are made from aircraft-grade anodised aluminium and adjust to fit action lengths precisely, holding the brass and pin without working loose like plastic parts.

The Stopper bore guides are manufactured using Delrin and the sleeve pin is made of brass; Delrin is a chemical resistant material that will stand up to continual use.

Viking Arms
01423 780810

Shooter’s range box

A great accessory gift for any shooter, whether shotgun, rifle or pistol. The MTM Shooter’s Range Box consists of an accessory case atop a maintenance stand base, with the two joining together into one complete carrying case.

The top accessory case consists of lots of divided space to keep small accessories such as brushes, tools and solvents separated and organised. The bottom maintenance stand section has two forks to suspend any long firearm at the front and rear, allowing easy cleaning.

The stand can also be used as a shooting rest, ideal for sighting in. The tray of the maintenance section is deep enough to easily hold any items required, and the two plastic forks have a cut-out section for handling rifle or shotgun cleaning rods.

John Rothery
02392 245350

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