The Nite Site Viper fits to a normal day scope to convert it to night vision, so there’s no need to have a second NV combo or change optics and re-zero. This affordable unit has a night-time detection range of up to 100m, which is more than enough for targeting rabbits with an air rifle, and the power can also be turned down for close-range ratting. For longer ranges, Wolf and Eagle variants boast detection ranges of 300m and 500m respectively.

Weighing in at around 650g when assembled, the kit includes a combined screen and 850nM illuminator module and fitments to attach it to 25 or 30mm scopes, camera module and rubber attachment sleeves, scope mounted rechargeable battery pack and mains charger. Battery run time is up to seven hours with IR as mid-power.

Simple to set up and easy to use, the Nite Site does require a head-up shooting position that can take some getting used to but it performs brilliantly when using the support of a bipod or sticks.

RRP: £299

Nite Site

01759 377235

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