On 3 April James Purdey & Son completed the acquisition on the Royal Berkshire Shooting Group. The purchase includes the Gun Shop, a retail outlet with hospitality facilities, the Royal Berkshire Sporting Agency and the Really Wild Clay Company, a game shoot simulator.

Based in Pangbourne’s 65-acres of Outstanding Natural Beauty since 1991, RBSG will continue to offer its existing range of services. Managing Director, Dylan Williams, commented: “To have created a business from scratch that a globally recognised brand in out industry wishes to acquire is really quite humbling.

“It is a testament to the incredible efforts of the Royal Berkshire staff, both to those currently with us and those that have helped us along the way. To each and every one of them I extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation and we look forward to working closely in the future with the dynamic Purdey team.”

The Purdey team have over 200 years of experience in making top-of-the-range shotguns and rifles. James Horne, Chairman of James Purdey added: “Customers of the Royal Berkshire Shooting Group will still be able to enjoy the products and services they know and love, with exciting additions to the Purdey portfolio.

“We are delighted to welcome the RBSG team and combine these two outstanding brands, offering our shooting customers an expanded range of first-class products and services.”


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