Starting with a meeting in Nuremberg and then a series of calls, SGC Directors Gary Lamburn and Aboo Cattran embarked on a 2,000 mile journey via Turkish airlines to Izmir Turkey for one of their most pivotal meetings of the past 2 years. They were flying-in to discuss the opportunity of Hatsan Firearms joining SGCs growing portfolio. Following 2 days of positive meetings a deal was struck for the SGC Group to take on sole UK distribution of the acclaimed Hatsan brand. With initial stock due to land at the end of April 2022.

For those unaware of the company, Hatsan based in Turkey are one of worlds leading manufacturers of Shotguns and Air Rifles. Hatsan currently has a manufacturing base of over 35,000 m2 and are due for massive expansion this year through the acquisition of 2 new factories. Employing over 800 workers, Hatsan are proud to produce every part of their guns in house and on-site. With quality, production and assembly certified to the ISO 9001 standard.

Most older shooters will initially know the Hatsan brand for their popular Escort Semi-Automatic shotguns and AT44 Airguns, both of which sell in the 1,000s every year. Popularity of these models can be attributed to a value for money and a build quality equal to many brands double their price. In 2022 these models are very much a part of the Hatsan story, but it would do the brand a massive disservice to say they are representative of where the company is currently, or in-fact heading.

Much of the lesser known story is that over the past few years Hatsan has been pioneering a vast range of airguns and shotguns built to many innovative and exciting designs, all of which are unique to Hatsan.

The current range offers the discerning shooter over 80 different Airgun options and over 60 different shotgun models, most of which the SGC are excited to share with the UK public. Of these guns the UK airgunner can expect to see an AR style carbon bottled PCP called the Factor RC, a hard-hitting hunting rifle in the Hydra and a vast range of break barrel rifles featuring the companies bespoke Vortex Gas Pistons. All these guns will be held in-stock at the SGC and available at very competitive price points.

In terms of shotguns the SGC will continue to supply the ever popular Escort models, with the striking New

Escort Trophy worth a special mention. In addition to the semi autos, SGC will be supplying an affordable range of pump action guns in both walnut and synthetic varieties.

So what should we expect from the SGC?

First and foremost the SGC will invest heavily in stock and review all current UK pricing. Their aim is to increase availability and give UK shooters the best possible value and service.

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