With a focus on ultimate performance this smartly designed Z8i optic stands out with an 8x zoom integrated into a slim 30 mm  tube.

With a sophisticated optical system that offers rapid target acquisition as its crowning glory, the Z8i is a high-performance riflescope. One of the first of its kind in the hunting world this also includes ‘Flexchange’ – the first switchable reticle 4A-iF enables the Z8i to be adapted to the widest variety of hunting requirements.

Available in four different models – suitable for all firearms – the Z8i range covers the following:

Z8i 1 – 8 x 24:  for the challenge of driven hunting

Z8i 1.7 – 13.3 x 42 P: versatile – for driven hunts and stalking

Z8i 2 – 16 x 50 P: sophisticated multipurpose scope

Z8i 2.3 – 18 x 56 P: high luminosity, perfect for twilight and poor light

Swarovski Optics – www.swarovskioptik.com – RRP : From £1,870.00

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