Following our look at budget clay gear, Gun Trade News brings you a two-part look at a range of cartridges and shotguns from the top end of the market, beginning with cartridges!

Eley Hawk Titanium

Launched as a high-velocity load in 28 gram shot size 7.5 (2.4 mm) and 8 shot (2.3mm) these continental shot sizes are slightly larger than the standard shot sizes, providing extra breaking power.

The 16mm nickel head is engineered to provide a solid base for propelling the load and deliver a smooth cartridge ejection for the shooter. PSB +3 powder is engineered in-house for high velocity and ultra smooth recoil.

The cartridges will be loaded with the “A-type” plastic wad system which delivers outstanding clay breaks with recoil and shot cushioning to ensure superior patterns at all ranges.

SRP: From £289 per 1000

Eley Hawk

01213 523277

Clever Bol D’or

A high nickel head and gold case give this cartridge a distinctive look. It’s Clever’s premium competition cartridge line and features selected, polished lead 7.5 shot in a cut plastic wad.

Clever say that at 32m the cartridges produce a pattern in which 93 per cent of the shot remains within a radius of 75cm.

That’s a pattern tight enough to take on Trap targets at long range – though Clever’s offering really is an all-round one, with the Mirage loads offering another option for customers more focused on Sporting. 24 and 28-gram versions are available.

SRP: From £262 per 1000


01827 383 300

NSI MultiTarget Cartridges

The perfect choice for clay shooters looking to use one cartridge across multiple disciples, NSI’s MultiTarget is available in 12-bore and 20-bore. The MultiTarget has 28g of shot, with the 12-bore available in sizes of 7.5 to 8.5, achieving speeds of up to 1,328fps.

The 20-bore also has 28g of shot and is available in sizes of 7.5 to 9.5 achieving speeds of up to 1,312fps.

SRP: £32 per 100


01579 362319

Eley Hawk DTL Gold

Eley Hawk’s DTL Gold served up instant success, propelling Phil Morgan to number one in the CPSA rankings – something he put down to the consistency of his cartridges. A 28 gram, plastic 7.5 and 8 shot product, the powders used are the very best PSB.

The powders used reduce the Muzzle flip for the second barrel and reduce recoil but produce excellent patterns and breaks on fast moving down-the-line targets.

SRP: £234 per 1000

Eley Hawk

01213 523277

Gamebore Platinum Trap

Gamebore have designed ammunition for Trap shooters with the Platinum Trap. Developed in conjunction with GB Olympic Team coach Ian Coley MBE, this trap special features 20mm nickel plated heads, 7.5 or 8 Diamond shot and Gamebore’s F2 powder.

The cartridges have a muzzle velocity that’s been measured at 1475 feet per second. The Platinum Trap range combines the highest quality components to deliver a smooth but fast performance for all Trap disciplines.

SRP from £259 per 1000


01482 223707

Gamebore Dark Storm

As you’d expect from a major brand, Gamebore has something to suit every clay shooter. For Sporting shooters, there’s the Dark Storm. Built along the lines of Gamebore’s Dark Storm game cartridges, this plastic wad competition load is designed for Sporting clay targets and FITASC.

It’s loaded with 28 grams of Gamebore’s own Diamond lead shot in sizes 6.5, 7.5 and 8, which is made at the company’s own shot tower. The cartridges’ muzzle velocity is 1550 ft per second and takes the range to the next level.

SRP from £319 per 1000


01482 223707

Pro Sixteen

Elegant and with perfect proportions, Hull’s 16 Gauge is a top-of-the-range calibre balancing the breaking power of a 12 with the light weight of a 20.

Following increased demand for their high performance 16 Gauge High Pheasant and traditional Three Crowns varnished paper game cartridges in recent seasons, Hull have launched a true competition offering to compete in simulated game or flurry shoots.

The Pro Sixteen is a 24gm 7½ competition grade shot to deliver great “kills”.

SRP: £289 per 1000

Hull Cartridge

01482 201280

RC Excellence

The RC4 Champion Excellence are available in 24 and 28 gram loads and in shot sizes 7.5, 8 and 9.5. The cartridges are presented in a high brass black case, using the CX2000 primer and a plastic wad.

The 5 per cent antimony tempered lead shot leaves the barrel at around 1350 metres per second – over three times the speed of the RC Skeet.

SRP: from £259 per 1000

Shooting Star

01728 660372

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