Make sure you are geared up this game season with our selection of the top-of-the-range shotgun and cartridge options.

Rigby Rising Bite Shotgun

After a break in production of over 100 years, John Rigby & Co has recommenced production of its iconic Rising Bite shotgun.

Characterised by the unique Rigby patent Rising Bite action, well-regarded for its strength and distinctive style each sidelock ejector features Rigby’s signature dipped edge lock plates, chopper lump barrels in a choice of barrel length, a traditional English straight-hand grip with hand-chequered butt, inlaid with a silver oval.

Featuring traditional Rigby scroll-pattern engraving, every order includes a custom fitting service. Engravings and wood upgrades are available on request. Calibres include 12, 28, 32-bore and .410.

RRP: from £79,000 excl. VAT
John Rigby & Co. 
02077 200757

Perazzi MX16

The standard MX16 is fixed choke and produced with either black or nickel action with black parts, and like all guns from Perazzi, a completely bespoke service is available at no extra cost, allowing the customer to completely design their own gun. All models are available with millions of options of barrel length, choking, chamber, stock style, and recoil pad. 

Customers can choose from an ‘off the shelf’ stock gun or elect to have a bespoke gun made at the factory and can visit to be fitted and select their own wood. The only extra for this bespoke service is the production time against an ‘off the shelf’ gun; price remains the same. The gun is supplied in a hard ABS case with 3 combination locks.

SRP from £11,305
01579 362319

Zoli Ambassador EL

The Ambassador EL features monolithic frame, detachable trigger group with titanium coated components, single or selective trigger, ejectors, hand finished engraving, Trap or Sporting stock, and fixed or int. chokes.

You can have the Zoli Ambasssador EL your way as prices include return flights and accommodation for a custom fitting at the Zoli factory in Brescia.* The 12-bore game gun is available with a choice or barrel lengths (28, 29.5, 31 and 34”) and plenty of additional custom upgrades. 

SRP from £12,500
Edgar Brothers 
01625 613177

*Flights and accommodation to be arranged by Edgar Brothers only, no price reduction for customer arranging own flights and accommodation outside of those provided by Edgar Brothers.

Rizzini Regal de Luxe

The Regal de Luxe is Rizzini’s first sideplated model to be built on the massively popular Round Body action. Uniquely for a gun in this price bracket, the laser engraving is fully finished by hand by ‘Bottega Giovanelli’, the leading engraving studio in Italy, giving it eye-catching depth and contrast. 

It is stocked with grade 3 walnut and features a steel grip cap and long trigger guard, which give this already beautiful model an extra touch of class.

The multi-choked barrels are topped with a solid rib, in the style of the classic English game guns of the ‘golden age’ of gunmaking. As ever, it comes in all the gauges and barrel lengths.

SRP from £5,775 
01728 688555

Black Gold Dark Storm

At the very cutting edge in performance cartridges, Dark Storm combines the most technologically advanced components to deliver unsurpassed knock-down power even at extreme range that has become synonymous with the Black Gold name and with discerning game shooters who demand the very best.

Combining Diamond lead shot with their exclusive new powders and a fibre wad, Gamebore’s technical team have surpassed their objective: to take the renowned Black Gold Game load to the next level and beyond to deliver patterns and performance without excessive recoil in a larger load cartridge. Available in loads from 28 to 36grm in shot sizes 4, 5 and 6.

01482 223707

Ultimate Power

Designed for the ultimate in down-range power, this high-quality fibre wad game cartridge features a 20mm high nickel head for improved performance.

30 gram loads come with 5, 6 or 6.5 shot, 32 gram loads with 5 or 6 shot and 36 gram loads are supplied with 4 or 5 shot. The cartridge benefits from extra sensitive primer, ‘hi-density’ shot, and high performance powder. Engineered for lower recoil, the shot offers 1480fps for ‘Ultimate’ power. 

Lyalvale Express
01543 434400

Rottweil Special Felt

The Rottweil Special Felt offers the avid game shooter a well-balanced shell at a good price/performance ratio. The environmentally friendly fibre wad in combination with the H-wad achieves a widespread and uniform patterning.

Available in 12ga 32gr in shot sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6.5, 20g 26gr shot size 6.5 and 16g 27gr in shot sizes 5 and 6.5. Designed for ambitious hunters looking for reliable performance.

SRP from £399 per 1000
01579 362319 

Yildiz Pro Special

Yildiz Pro Black Special is offered with 28 or 30” barrels, but look out for the 32” barrel coming soon.

With a smart Grade 5 Turkish walnut stock and beautiful hand-engraved action, the Pro Special is also supplied with multi-choke – there are five included but fixed chokes are also available.

This shotgun is designed with an ejector and 7mm rib, and tips the scales at approximately 7.25lb (3.2kg). 

SRP £3950
01635 253344

687 EELL Deluxe 12G 30”

This upgraded version of the 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon Field, features beautiful, deep relief, scroll engraving on the pinless, sideplates. Without screws the sideplates can be lavishly adorned with uninterrupted engraving.

This exquisite gun also benefits from elegant, double fences and selected grade III walnut, giving the gun a timeless, classic look. Additionally, it is supplied in a signature, brown ABS case. GMK have managed to secure a limited supply of this gun.

RRP from £9,995
01489 579999

Hull Special Pigeon Long Range 

Hull’s Special Pigeon Long Range was developed with Tom Payne, author of The Pigeon Shooter’s Diary, taking the flightline and unpredictability of pigeons into account.

The cartridge is 32g of No6 with a fibre wad with improved velocity that cycles reliably in semi- autos. It still aims to be economically priced compared to the cartridges used for more rarefied game.

With low recoil to keep you on track as you shoot low-flying game birds, this is a hugely comfortable cartridge to shoot on a big-bag day.  

Hull Cartridge
01482 342756

Cheddite Elite 

A new addition to Cheddite’s range of Elite cartridges, these 32-gram, 5-shot loads are designed specifically with the English hunting market in mind.

The pheasant on the packaging shows the focus of the product, contrasting the pheasant and pigeon design on the rest of the range. It comes loaded in a 70mm cartridge with a fibre wad.

Malmo Guns 
01524 793007

Eley Hawk Zenith

Zenith is a leading name in game shooting excellence. Zenith has copper-plated shot to deliver outstanding performance. Copper is electroplated to the lead to reduce pellet deformation as the shot goes down the barrel and through the choke of the gun.

This ensures it maintains a superior pattern during flight, with more shot on target. Copper plated shot increases the impact power of the shot on the quarry. Built for the discerning game shooter in 12 and 20 gauge, the Zenith will deliver the high point to your game-shooting day. 

Eley Hawk
01213 523277

Rio Game Load

Pigeon cartridge choice has a subjective element. Decoying enthusiasts may have tastes ranging from a 28-gram in 7.5 shot to a popular 34-gram load of 5 shot. Rio say that when pigeon shooting really ramps up their Classic Game 30 gram in 6 shot with plastic wads is the best seller.

The range of hunting cartridges continues to grow to meet the needs of shooters, and with over 100 years of experience, Rio aim to provide hunters with a reliable cartridge to perform in the most demanding environments. 

CCI International
01536 260933

Fiocchi Pigeon 32

A 32-gram load of 6 shot designed particularly for pigeon shooting, these distinctive red and gold cartridges from Fiocchi come with plastic wads or fibre wads.

They’re a 67mm case terminating in 12mm of brass, and the shot is hardened with two per cent bismuth.

Fiocchi UK
01827 383466

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