The Wildcat Panther is the new rimfire/HMR Moderator designed to tame your WSM/WMR/Hornet and Fireball, both in .22 and .17 calibres. (It supports .17 Hornet, 17 .Ackley Hornet, .17 Fireball/MachIV, .20 Vartarg, .22 Hornet or .22 MachIV.) The three-part moderator is easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance, and is designed in all black except the coloured internal diffuser. Available in ½UNF, ½UNEF, 14×1 and 15×1, the Wildcat Panther weighs just 222 grams and is less than 170mm long and 38.5mm in diameter.

SRP: £149

UK Custom Shop

01905 797060

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