Best stalking kit – our must-stock options

Alongside a rifle, the key piece of kit any stalker needs is… a scope? A stick? A bag? Take a look and see if any of these resonate. Hawke Frontier All Frontier models feature Hawke’s new H7 optics with high

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Game Fair 2021 preview w/ Simon West

With excitement building for the Game Fair, Simon West reflects on the progress we have made and the obstacles that remain as we struggle back to that elusive ‘normality’. Here we go! With us facing the roll back of restrictions—hopefully

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Best stalking rifles – our must-stock options

With stalking season on the horizon, we look at the must-stock rifles Savage B22 Precision From .22 LR to the punch of .22 WMR, the Savage B Series delivers exceptional performance and includes an 18in heavy-threaded barrel, one-piece MDT chassis

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20 reasons to visit The Game Fair in 2021

Finally, a chance to get together The Game Fair in 2021  – after the last 18 months we’re not really sure we need any reasons to attend, other than that it will be a highly enjoyable outing (and they’ve been in v

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Looking ahead to the Olympics

Caroline Roddis looks to the upcoming Olympics with hope; hope that they will happen and hope that shooting sports’ quadrennial season of positive press from the mainstream media continues. The UK population is very good at splitting into two. Whether it’s

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Latest auction news from the gun trade

Diggory Hadoke throws his head back and draws in a deep draught of that old, familiar smell… What is it? Why, freedom of course!  June saw Holt’s return with a flourish and a full sale, held over two days on

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Best country clothes – Our top picks on the market

Our pick of some of the best country clothing to sport in the field for the forthcoming season. Woodcock Advanced Jacket This classic shooting jacket is made with a four-way stretch material, so that you can aim at even the

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Best premium shotguns – our top picks on the market

It can be hard to know at what point the premium market begins with shotguns, but we find it useful to think of it as the point where the gun becomes no longer just a machine, but also an objet

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Fairfax & Favor – GTN Quick Quiz

Over the past decade, Fairfax & Favor has evolved from being the romantic dream of a couple of enterprising schoolboys into a large-scale, upmarket boot manufacturer with its finger on the pulse of country fashion. How’s business? We have so

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Getting into airgun shooting – Mat Manning discusses support for new shooters

New recruits represent the future of our sport and our businesses. Mat Manning reminds retailers of their responsibility to set them off on the right track. It is a very pleasing fact that sales of airguns and related accessories appear

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