The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) will be challenging many of the restriction proposals put forward by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on the use and sale of lead ammunition for outdoor recreational shooting in England, Scotland and Wales.

Following detailed analysis of the HSE evidence and proposals, BASC has produced positions on each shooting discipline that would be impacted by the proposed restrictions in England, Scotland and Wales. 

BASC England director Dan Reynolds said: “BASC accepts that in some settings, lead ammunition poses an exposure risk that must be controlled. It is for this reason the leading shooting and rural organisations have already committed, in 2020, to a five year voluntary transition away from lead shot for live quarry shooting with the ambition that in time all game will be lead free.

“Any regulatory restriction of the use of lead in live quarry shooting must be undertaken with realistic transition periods to allow the variety of products required to be produced. We are pushing to ensure that the regulator works closely with ammunition manufacturers to understand and take account of the technical, economic and supply chain issues which impact upon the transition to non-lead alternatives.

“Away from live quarry shooting, the evidence presented by the HSE about the risks of lead ammunition to wildlife and the environment are not conclusive. For this reason, BASC opposes the HSE’s proposed restrictions on clay pigeon shooting, target shooting and airgun shooting. BASC will argue against them in the upcoming public consultation, and present alternative proposals which would represent a more proportionate response to evidenced-based risks.

“BASC will work alongside our partner organisations to ensure shooting is represented with one voice when it comes to interacting with the HSE process.”

BASC’s positions on the various proposals put forward in the HSE restriction dossier can be found here


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