You may think that your business is immune to thievery but the risk remains; especially in an industry where shops can be filled with single high-ticket items. You may be used to selling security items such as safes to the public, but what safeguards are in place to protect your own business?

Whilst providing evidence for the offensive Weapons bill, Detective Chief superintendent Chilton stated: “The increase in firearms lost or stolen last year, compared with the previous year was 26 per cent. There were some stolen from licensed premises. We recover just over 1,000 a year that have not be used in crime or are just recovered. about 30 per cent of those tend to come from licensed premises as the result of burglary or theft.”

From an insurance point of view, commercial insurance is a two way street whereby insurers will do all they can to provide a safety net to protect a company’s assets and their ability to trade. In turn, insurers may provide clients with guidelines to adhere to which they hope will serve to limit the potential for claims.

Businesses are usually well-versed with the correct physical security in place, locking gates, CCTV, and alarms are all common to protect against traditional thieves. these security measures need to be almost invisible until they are needed, but what about protection against invisible threats?

The threat of a digital attack or loss is ever increasing in the modern world. With the new General Data Protection regulation (GDPR) coming into effect it’s concerning that according to Government statistics only 38 per cent of businesses are even aware of this new data protection act.

We operate in a world where cyber attacks of one form or another have become a common part of everyday life – 46 per cent of businesses reported a cyber security breach in 2017.

This combination of increased regulation and more regular breaches means that it’s more important than ever that your business takes steps to protect itself in the digital world, even if you don’t operate online it’s likely that your systems are connected to the internet and therefore could be vulnerable. Most businesses in this sector will have an electronic system and/or hold customer data electronically; access control may also be digitalised.

All of this could leave your business exposed to significant costs and expenses and importantly loss of income, in the event of a system failure, fraudulent or not. businesses should look at their it infrastructure to ensure they have robust security in place to minimise the risk of a breach however it is not possible to guarantee any system is completely secure – user error or a determined hacker can often still cause a breach. therefore, retailers are recommended to look at Cyber Protection.

Caught On Camera

Of course, like any retail environment where cash is exchanged, gun shops can also fall foul of more traditional criminal tactics. traders can benefit from video security, and the nature of the products sold at gun shops makes video surveillance even more important. In order to prevent theft, and to protect assets as well as employees, security cameras are a vital element in gun shop security.

Sadly criminal attacks on businesses do occur from time to time; unfortunate victims can suffer from a range of crimes spanning from petty vandalism to organised robberies. Installing CCTV can help to combat this problem. there is some very high quality CCTV equipment these days that doesn’t cost the earth that can provide clear images in both day and night situations.

Surveillance footage from gun stores can prove invaluable in criminal investigations. With security cameras capturing images of each individual entering a particular gun shop, investigators have the ability to identify suspects involved in incidents occurring within the shop, or connected to outside crimes where weapons from the shop were utilised.

Not only does this prevent the shop losing assets, but stolen weapons can be more easily tracked and followed if they do leave the premises. Strategically placed surveillance cameras can help to deter potentially opportunist criminals from carrying out their plans. CCTV can also help protect employees and customers from unsavoury characters breaking into gun shops and stirring up trouble.

With a pro-active approach to combating vandalism, 24-hour surveillance footage helps to protect gun stores from burglaries after closing. It’s also helpful to employ further security measures, such as burglar alarm systems, to make up for any lost video signals.

Bar and Grille

Of course you won’t always be in the store to keep an eye on things. Cameras help monitor goings-on but cannot prevent break-ins or damage, For added security during closing hours consider shutters or grilles. There are a wide range of security shutters and fixed or retractable security grilles for retail and office premises for the protection of glass and doorway security. Products are made to order for a tailored fit and optimum security.

Different levels of security are achieved with different specifications of curtains and guides. Vision slats can offer retail shops in high streets the ability for people to see goods on display after hours when the security shutters are closed, security is still maintained however. The sections with light behind can also enhance retail premises rather than looking like you have closed your shop for good.

Ranges of security shutters are extensive and flexible in their specifications to suit all manner of shop fronts. retractable steel grilles offer highly effective security for doors and windows with the added benefit of folding away if required. When closed they also let in a lot of light so are often simply left closed by the occupant, as they are relatively unobtrusive. Commercial security Grilles are an effective way to protect your building, windows and assets from vandalism and attempted break-ins.

Despite their effectiveness, many people see these security shutters and grilles as a grudge purchase, perhaps even forced upon them by their commercial insurance broker. However a successful lockdown can not only provide extra peace of mind, but tangible protection measures to keep your business safe.


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