Source: William Powell Sporting

Due to recent outbreaks of bird flu in France, the movement of eggs, chicks or birds has been prevented from crossing the channel.

The sporting industry was very much looking forward to the 2022/23 Season following the difficulties and stresses created by CV-19 over the past few years. However, the more “normal” Season that we are so desperate for, now seems like nothing but a wish. We had heard reports of some bird flu outbreaks last Season but fortunately nothing serious enough to cause major concern at the time. However, sadly these were only the tip of the iceberg, as just a few months after the end of the Season we started to hear whispers of problems in France. We had hoped these would be similar to the minor UK outbreaks, which would be quickly detained and wouldn’t amount to much, but sadly this was not to be the case.

France is responsible for providing the UK with a significant volume of game which crosses the channel from France in one of three forms; hatching eggs, day-old chicks and circa 7-week old poults. The bird flu outbreaks in France developed rapidly, at the worst time and certainly in the worse locations possible. Following the outbreaks, measures were put in place to freeze all movement of poultry, including the game…for the full article head to William Powell Sporting

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