Clay shooting doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. There are a range of budget cartridges and clay guns on the market that have the potential to be volume sellers, and in the second part of a two-part article, we’re going to look at guns. 


ATA Venza Sporter

A competition semi-auto for those who dare to be different, the ATA Venza Sporter combines good looks, a smooth action and an adjustable stock with shooting characteristics that lend themselves to effortless clay breaks.

At the heart of the Venza are ATA’s GPCS and short recoil systems. These technologies combine to generate a more controlled shooting experience, leading to faster target acquisition and second-barrel shots. Key to the gun’s performance is a newly designed Gas Pressure Control System combined with ATA’s moving barrel technology. In tandem these systems reduce muzzle flip, control recoil and effortlessly cycle more common cartridges.

SRP from £496

Sportsman Gun Centre

01392 354870

Kofs Sceptre Sporter

This attractive sporter combines the popular features of its game counterpart, with a widened rib and a redesigned stock to improve performance when shooting sporting clays. As with the original Sceptre, the Sporter features qualities that far exceed their modest price tag. Every Kofs shotgun is oil-finished to accentuate the colour and figuration of the walnut, creating a desirable satin finish.

Packed with tried-and-tested mechanisms that embody many of the options the modern shooter desires, and based around a single selective trigger, the Sceptre is fitted with a tang-mounted safety, ejectors and a set of chrome-lined multichoke barrels.

SRP from £499.99

The Sportsman Gun Centre

01392 354870

Marocchi Evo

Following on from Marocchi’s Zero3, the Evo offers features and quality that might commonly be found in much more expensive guns. Made in Sporting and Trap versions, with a choice of black or nickel action, and over two years in development, the Trap model comes in 30” adjustable choke or 29.5” fixed choke versions.

This beautifully finished shotgun comes hand polished and with a blued barrel finish and with optional extras such as a high rib, adjustable comb and/or adjustable pitch at no extra cost. Featuring an automatic ejector and Marocchi’s fast system, this over-and-under clay shotgun is great value.

SRP from £1,854   

Viking Arms

01423 780810

Lincoln Vogue HSX Sporter

The Lincoln Vogue HSX Sporting takes the beautiful looks of the Lincoln Vogue model and adds features suited towards a Sporting clay gun.

This makes the Lincoln Vogue the ideal crossover gun for those looking for a solid, reliable gun for both game and clay pigeon shooting. Including five sporting XP70 chokes (standard chokes on 28G) and sporting barrel.

Fashioned with lateral ventilated rib and 11mm top rib, this gun also features special three-alloy steel barrels proofed for steel shot and internally chromed bore and chambers for improved lifespan and better shot distribution.

SRP from £1,195

John Rothery

02392 235450

TRP Trap

Starting during the First World War, Huglu is often associated with reliability and loyalty – this is portrayed in its latest TRP 12G 30” over-and-under shotgun.

With a monobloc, forged receiver, the TRP is made from 4140 steel with adjustable stock, trigger and rib. Expertly designed with a trap butt plate, this 3.8kg gun has a five-piece multichoke as standard. A beautiful selling-point of this gun is the hand-made engravings.

SRP from £995  

Range Right 

01423 881919

Yildiz Wildfowler Extreme

Though designed by and for the dedicated wildfowler, this gun comes near as it is possible to get to the ultimate all-rounder. The steel provided 3.5” chambers allow it to be used with any cartridge on the market. At 7.3lbs it is a good weight for clay shooting, too, providing stability while being light enough to carry around all day.

The gun comes supplied with five flush fitting chokes and two extended half chokes for maximum performance with steel shot. The Wildfowler is steel action finished in colour hardening.

SRP from £925  

Raytrade UK

01635 253344

Bettinsoli X Trail

Bettinsoli shotguns represent a pleasing compromise between the ancient tradition of gun makers in Gardone Val Trompia and the modern technology provided by CNN machinery.

The selection of high-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art surface treatments, as well as precision in the final assembly, enable Bettinsoli to offer unbeatable value for money. The popular X Trail starts at under £1,000 as an efficient budget-priced sporter; the standard stock dimensions should fit most people straight off the rack.

SRP from £850

RUAG Ammotec

01579 362319

Hatsan Escort

The Turkish firearms industry often leads the way for budget shooters, with a range of cost effective clay guns. The Hatsan Escort is a prime example of a budget semi-auto, starting around £350 for the basic model (though the wood-stocked Optima version is pictured here).

The gas-operated action is simple and will run reliably if the gun is kept clean. Operation is also simple, the bolt release is built into the feed plate so loading is easy and requires little familiarity to get used to using the second cartridge to depress the plate in the same motion as pushing it into the magazine. For those on a tight budget, the semi-automatic Escort is an ideal starter.

SRP from £350

Edgar Brothers

01625 613177


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