Clay shooting doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. There are a range of budget cartridges and clay guns on the market that have the potential to be volume sellers, and in the first part of a two-part article, we’re going to look at cartridges. 

Eley Hawk Select

The Select Cartridge is now delivering for retailers in 21, 24 and 28 gram load variants. The Select added to Eley Hawk’s impressive credentials when Amy Hedgecock at the age of 13 won a car using them in The Schools Challenge Competition. An excellent value cartridge, the Select packs in a slightly higher level of brass in the shot to ensure it has excellent breaking poweer for its price, even at long range.

From £184 per 1000

Eley Hawk 

01213 523277

Eley Hawk Superb

The Superb was launched with a fibre wad variant and has picked up adherents in the English Sporting market with John Lee shooting Superbs to great effect on the English Sporting circuit in 2017.

The recoil is smooth and provides powerful clay breaks on targets of all sizes and speeds, making it a fine all-rounder. The shells are colour-coded to help recognise the shot size in the cartridge bag; the full range are available to upgrade to a silver cartridge finish or switch to a fibre-only equivalent.

From £234 per 1000

Eley Hawk 

01213 523277

Fiocchi TT

The range of Fiocchi products on offer means shooters of all levels can have access to world-class cartridges. The TT range has been created for people getting into clay shooting.

With new packaging and a new cartridge in the TT line, the range uses specially selected components to facilitate the onset of the shooter as well at seasoned guns who enjoy a reliable product.

TT One and Two present several shot weights as well as a wide range of shot sizes, performing in all disciplines, be it Trap, Skeet, Double Trap, Sporting or Compak. Effective and simple to use, the TT range are available in 24 and 28 gram in Plastic and Fibre.

From £189 per 1000


01827 383466

RC Skeet

Italian manufacturers RC have designed a range of different cartridges hitting the mark for different disciplines. The RC2 Skeet is a specialised Skeet cartridge in a 9.5 shot size.

Its speed, monitored a metre from the barrel, is given as 414 metres per second, or about 1360 feet per second, making for a blistering cartridge at sensible pressures.

The gold-printed blue cartridges have a 24-gram load, a 12mm brass head and use Cheddite’s CX2000 primer.

From £236 per 1000

Shooting Star 

01728 660372

Victory V1 Sonic

These plastic-wadded cartridges are made for use by Sporting competition shooters. Victory say that they combine dense pattern and high speed for long-range targets.

They have 16mm of brass, single base powder, and are available in colour-coded shot sizes 6, 7.5, 8 and 9. Considered a favourite among some top shots as well as beginners, Victory’s can deliver on their name by offering highly effective performance in a range of sporting disciplines.

From £207 per 1000


01484 317501

Lyalvale Power Gold

Lyalvale Power Gold Cartridge manufacturers often have sprawling wide ranges to suit various disciplines and shooters, but in Lyalvale’s best-selling competition load the Power Gold, you’ll find something different: a cartridge designed for all uses across Skeet, Sporting or Trap.

The cartridges have a 16mm nickel head and a muzzle velocity given by Lyalvale as 1425 feet per second. They’re available in a shot size 9 for skeet, in either fibre or plastic wad. They come in a 28-gram version as well as a 24-gram for those shooting in international disciplines or just looking for a lighter load.

From £226 per 1000

Lyalvale Express 

01543 434400

Rio 12 Gauge Target Loads

Using Rio’s own single-based powder with a matched wad and primer, the Target Loads are designed to manage pressure and recoil. Available in variants for multiple disciplines.

The Sporting version of the cartridge comes in a 28 gram load with a quoted muzzle velocity of 1280 feet per second, or in an unusual-for-clay 32 gram load with muzzle velocity given at 1200 feet per second. Both versions are available in shot sizes 7.5 or 8.

From £189 per 1000

CCI International

01536 260933


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