Recent reader surveys have allowed Future Plc to gather comprehensive data of their field sports audiences for the first time.

From Airgun Shooter to Sporting Rifle, all field sports titles in the Future portfolio have been fully integrated into the business over the past two year with impressive growth across the board. 

The company as a whole attracts 115 million social media fans and 173 monthly online users. The field sports titles account for an audience of 858,800 with over 164,000 magazines published each month.

The online channels (The Shooting Show/The Airgun Show) currently have 168,000 subscribers and over 54 million video views. 

Findings from the study highlighted several market and demographic trends, including the sheer diversity of audiences that the field sports titles reach. Readers of Clay Shooting, for example, range from entry-level workers to company CEOs, surely making it one of the most financially diverse magazines on the market. 

Furthermore, figures showed The Shooting Show channel to be one of the fastest growing field sports channels on YouTube, regularly amassing between 1 and 2 million views a month across the channel.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the key audiences for Future’s video brands were aged 18-35, highlighting the role of the channel in helping to introduce greater numbers of young tech-savvy adults into field sports. 

The surveys also showed Gun Trade News to have a monthly brand reach of over 16,000, reinforcing the consensus that it is the best way to reach trade audiences. As such, the GTN team welcomes your thoughts and opinions as well as the latest news, products and vacancies from your business. 

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