The world of fieldsports is populated by a brilliant cast of characters; the opinionated, the knowledgeable, the skilled and the amusing. However, these people have limited outlets for them to share their particular perspective apart from the dog-eat-dog social media landscape… until now.

The Game Card is a free to use, open platform where anyone can tell their story, share their thinking, and join the conversation, whether they’re an experienced writer or not. Users will have the chance to not only shape the conversation, but to be part of it. 

The app, available for free on both Android and iPhone, will offer new content creators – be they writers, photographers, podcasters or filmmakers – the chance to publish their work and build their audience. The platform will also host work by some of the most recognisable names in fieldsports.

The combination of new and established voices will provide the app’s users with the broadest possible range of views, thoughts and perspectives, and allow them to discover up-and-coming fieldsports content creators.

The app will be carefully curated, and while anyone can contribute to the app, the curation and editing process will ensure that the content is informed, insightful and entertaining.

George Browne, Editor of The Game Card, said:

“I know from bitter personal experience how hard it can be for would-be fieldsports journalists and creators to get their work published. With The Game Card we are changing that. 

I encourage people who want to make their voice heard, whether they’re a grizzled old-hand or a total beginner when it comes to writing, to get in touch, pitch their ideas and submit their work. Share your gundog training expertise, or your thoughts on that new shotgun you just bought. Tell us your views on the future of wild salmon or deer management policies!

We’re also looking for great storytelling – something to really get the blood fizzing and that captures the joy of being out engaging in an activity that you love – if you have a story about a great day out with rod, rifle or shotgun, (or even all three!) we would love to hear it. Inexperience or a lack of confidence should absolutely not be a barrier to anyone submitting an idea – We will gladly work with you to help you take your first steps.

For readers, this openness will offer a representative and eclectic range of perspectives, and the chance to find the kind of content that appeals most, by the writers and creators that they enjoy the most.”

Download the app from the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store via this link

Submit your articles or pitch your ideas by emailing


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