The pest bet: 15 pieces of gear to keep pests at bay

In February, pest control moves to the top of many shooters’ agendas – so stock up on the right gear as we run through 15 pieces of gear and tech to keep pests and predators at bay.


1. Wicked Lights

Aiming to set a new standard for a gun-mounted torch, the Wicked Lights A67ic Predator Pursuit is designed specifically with controlling vermin and predators in mind.

Featuring a centre axis rotational 3-in-1 colour LED system to deliver a stunning bright red, white or green selectable beam, Wicked Lights will provide identification of your quarry well in excess of any targetable distance, with a crystal clear beam for the ultimate in target acquisition.

Each kit comes complete with adjustable mount, intensity control tail cap and remote switch, scope fitting kit, batteries and charger.

  SRP: £249.99  Scott Country

  01556 503587

2. Armasight Spark Core

As the nights are long, after-dark hunting is at its peak. This means that a number of shooters are eager to get their hands on the Armasight Spark Core from Scott Country.

This compact night vision unit delivers Gen 2 performance and can be used as a handheld monocular for spotting or rear-mounted to a scope to convert it for night shooting.

Its core technology gives 70 lines per mm resolution. The built-in short-range illuminator gives a detection range of over 100m, and there are adaptor rails to fit a more powerful one to boost range.

SRP: £469.99   Scott Country

01556 503587

3. Wildcat Panther

The Wildcat Panther is the new rimfire and small centrefire moderator designed to tame even the fastest of .17 calibres, as well as a range of .22s (full range: .17 Hornet, .17 Ackley Hornet, .17 Fireball/MachIV, .20 Vartarg, .22 Hornet, .22MachIV below about 20gn powder.)

The three-part moderator – easy to strip and clean – is designed in all black, except the coloured internal diffuser. Available in ½unf, ½ unef, 14×1 and 15×1 the Wildcat Panther weighs just 222 grams and is less than 170mm long and 38.5mm in diameter.

SRP: £149   UK Custom Shop

01905 797060

4. APEX Airglo

Hunters know that most pests can quickly pick up a scent, easily sabotaging any attempt to clear out vermin. This is why Napier has developed a Trail Marker and Wind Indicator; the Airglo.

Designed to be quick and easy to use, the non-toxic, non-staining odourless fine mist powder helps read the breeze and keep you downwind of your quarry.

Unlike usual alternatives that use large particles in squat bottles, the Airglo is ergonomically designed in a unique baton bottle with silent one handed operation that can be used with cold, wet and gloved hands. Each dispenser comes with a convenient RealTree sleeve, belt clip and lanyard.

SRP: £9.99   Napier

01235 812993

5. GECO riflescope

The GECO 3-12×56 is a classic all-rounder, excellent for shooting pests at night or waiting behind a hide with an airgun or rimfire. Its 56mm diameter lens, high light transmission, and choice of illuminated or non-illuminated reticle offers increased reliability, even in low light conditions.

The excellent optical quality is reflected in the very good field of view and the large lens diameter ensures sufficient light reserves to extend deep into twilight. The illuminated GECOdot with automatic shutoff (auto reflex sight) and the integrated target turret (sight tower) GECOtrac are unique features in this class. It comes with a five-year warranty. 

GECO 3-12×56 SRP: £495

GECO 3-12x56i SRP: £795

RUAG  01579 362319

6. Konus M30 1.5-6×44

This 1.5-6×44 optic is the perfect choice for the no-nonsense hunter. It ticks all the boxes for close and mid-range pest control as well as larger animals should the need arise. A versatile and affordable unit, this scope is made to deal with common pest-shooting conditions, such as low light.

This Konus M30 delivers impeccable clarity and performance through the 30/30 reticle which uses an illuminated dot sight and has finger adjustable tactical turret with ½ MOA. The waterproof, shockproof and fog proof optic has a fully multi-coated optical coating. The locking fast focus ocular benefits from a 30mm tube diameter design and is available with a flip-up cover included in the price.

SRP: £140

Range Right

01423 881919

7. Nite Site Viper

The Nite Site Viper fits to a normal day scope to convert it to night vision, with a detection range of up to 100m – more than enough for targeting rabbits with an air rifle – and the power can also be turned down for close-range ratting.

Weighing in at around 650g when assembled, the kit includes a combined screen and 850 nm illuminator module and fitments to attach it to 25 or 30mm scopes, camera module and rubber attachment sleeves, scope-mounted rechargeable battery pack and mains charger. Battery runtime is up to seven hours with IR at mid-power.

SRP: £299   NiteSite

01759 377235

8. Leupold VX6HD

The VX-6HD’s edge-to-edge clarity makes for outstanding brightness, colour consistency, and resolution. Hunters have a visible advantage at dawn and dusk thanks to the MaxTM Light Management System and illuminated reticles with simple single-button intensity adjustments.

The wide zoom range and latest technology, which includes an in-scope electronic reticle level, CDS- ZL2 Zero Lock elevation dial, and removable throw lever, make the VX-6HD the most versatile Leupold riflescope ever made. The Electronic Reticle Level indicator offers precise levelling, while a throw lever allows fast magnification changes, right or left handed.

SRP: £1,768   Viking Arms

01423 780810

9. Night Master Eclipse IR Torch

These new infrared illuminators by Night Master feature upgraded LEDs compared to previous models and a USB charging port. The Eclipse range features a quiet tail-switch, which contains patent-pending technology.

The switch doesn’t just operate the light, there’s also a subtle indicator light under the rubber switch cover that can be activated to indicate when the infrared beam is on. The indicator light also pulsates dimly to indicate when battery power has dropped to 10 per cent.

The switch also includes a hidden SOS flashing mode for emergency signalling.

  Eclipse 800 SRP: £139.96,

  Eclipse 1000 SRP: £179.95

  Night Master  01535 611688

10. Rabbit Nets

Under the brand Bisley, John Rothery Wholesale produces a range of rabbiting and ferreting equipment, including rabbit nets. All Bisley nets are high-quality 4Z nylon. The Bisley Purse Nets are bagged into 10s and come complete with nickel plated ring and strong rope.

Bisley Long Nets are available in three different lengths: 25 yard, 50 yard and 100 yard, making it easy to mark out any sized area. The Long Nets also contain a set of instructions.

  Bag of 10 Purse Nets SRP: £19.49

  Long Nets SRP from £34.95

  John Rothery   023 92245350

11. Parcours 2 Vario Boots 

These boots may not be cheap, but they’re extremely comfortable and built to last. Handmade in France from 100 per cent natural rubber, they feature an adjustable top strap and anti-fatigue sole with a tread pattern designed to provide maximum grip and shed mud.

Anyone undertaking pest control around muddy farmyards will be well served by these.

  SRP: £145

12. Ledlenser P7.2 Gunlight Kit

The Ledlenser P7.2 Kit includes everything a shooter needs in one small unit. The packaging explains all the features and benefits so retailers needn’t be experts to sell it.

The kit contains a P7.2 torch along with a gun mount, pressure switch, four-colour filter set and AAA Batteries, which provide up to 50 hours of light.

The unit produces 320 lumens to a distance of 260 metres, and is also adjustable with a single hand to flood illumination for closer ranges. There are three power settings: power, low power and boost. The torch is water and dust proof and weighs just 175 grams.

  SRP: £69.95

  John Rothery

13. Pard NV 007

The Pard NV007 is a digital rear add-on night vision device that not only offers superb night time viewing out the 150 yards with its on-board illuminator but fill 1080p colour for day time use. Pair this NV unit with an additional high-powered IR illuminator and you will increase performance to over 200 yards.

The Pard NV007 comes with the ability to record your hunts, and these can be viewed on the device itself. One of the key benefits of the Pard NV007 is its ability to be paired with a huge array of daylight optics with a 45mm eyepiece diameter, with no IR on the eyepiece, so you can get the unit on one rifle set to another in minutes.

  SRP: £399.99

  Elite Optical Distribution   01803 658369

14. Barton Accurate Hunter Pro

Elite Optical Distribution have recently picked up the distribution of Barton Gunworks, including their rifle moderator – the Accurate Hunter Pro.

Manufactured and assembled in the UK, the unique baffle systems attenuates muzzle blast but minimises barrel length. The design reduces the chances of marring the rifle barrel, and the rear of the moderator is shaped to reduce glare when using a rifle mounted lamp or NV System. The whole system is designed to be efficient and light, perfect for those situations where you wish to keep weight to a minimum.

The Accurate Hunter Pro is perfect for stalking rifles and larger calibre guns which require improved moderation. At 182mm in length, the Hunter Pro weighs just 275 grams (depending on the calibre and thread).

  SRP: £299.99

  Elite Optical Distribution

  01803 658369

15. Lightforce Enforcer 140

The Enforcer 140 LED is a handheld lamp that allows you to change between colours at the push of a button – either white and red, or white, red, amber and green depending on model.

There are also models with dimmable beams, as well as red/infrared and white/infrared versions. It illuminates up to 350 metres, with the option to adjust from spot to wide beam.

This new version retains the original’s Fresnel lens design to give a strong beam for its dimensions. It has a built in battery that runs for up to four hours from a 2.5-hour charge. The run time can be increased with an add-on battery pack or a shoulder/belt pack.

  SRP from £186.99   Sportsman Gun Centre

  01392 354854

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