This week’s Gun of the Week also has the distinction of being our pick for Airgun of the Year.

Although listed as the XS, which is the high-power version producing muzzle energy to beyond 40ft/lb, the sub-12ft/lb model is the Ultimate Sporter R, and I think it’s fair to assume that both fall under the same banner.

The big difference between this incarnation of the Ultimate Sporter and the original model is the addition of a high-quality regulator which improves the performance of an already excellent firing cycle and delivers remarkable shot to shot consistency.

But there is much more to this airgun than just a swanky new regulator – it looks absolutely stunning and boasts the usual attention to detail and top-notch build quality that airgun shooters have grown to expect from this leading British gunmaker.

It also comes in a variety of stock options including walnut, laminate and black-soft-touch, and the ambidextrous handle boasts a huge amount of adjustment to ensure good fit.

Combine that with an excellent match-level two-stage trigger, a ten-shot magazine system driven by a super-slick side lever action and the very efficient Q-Tec silencer and it’s no surprise that this airgun has quickly established itself as a favourite with hunters.

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