Gun of the Week: Blaser F16

This week’s Gun of the Week is the Blaser F16!

Pictured here in its Sporter guise, the F16 continues to attract interest for its combination of the Blaser style and brand with a reasonably affordable price tag. A versatile gun, it can be made to suit the individual shooter thanks to the removable balancer weights on the stock bolt, adjustable trigger blade and choice of extended or detachable chokes. Conventionally bored and with a flat, narrow, rib, it’s an all-purpose gun that could be picked up for just about any type of shoot. The Sporting version weighs just over 7lb 8oz (3.4kg) with 30” barrels, while a 32” model is also available.

SRP from £3,047 Blaser Sporting  01482 917412

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