This week’s Gun of the Week, the BSA R-10 TH, made its debut at the 2019 British Shooting Show

Jon Hatton presents the R10 TH at the British Shooting Show in 2019

The iconic BSA R-10 has proved itself as one of the most reliable hunting PCPs of the past decade, and 2019 saw the Birmingham gunmaker launch the TH variant to mark the rifle’s tenth anniversary.

The model features a sumptuous Minelli walnut stock with thumbhole configuration and adjustable soft-touch cheek-piece and butt pad.

Other features on the bolt-action multi-shot regulated PCP include an improved trigger and customer configurable shroud and silencer system.

The updated flagship also boasts the R-10’s highest shot count yet, returning no less than 340 shots in .22 and 280 in .177.

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