This week’s gun of the week is the Perazzi High Tech 2020.

A celebration of their unrivalled history in Olympic shooting competitions and in honour of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Perazzi have produced the High Tech 2020

Buying a Perazzi is not like picking up any gun off the shelf; you have the option of a completely bespoke service allowing you to choose from thousands of options to design the perfect gun for you and the only extra is the time taken to build it. This means your gun is made to feel exactly right for you, an extension of your arm, and why it is the choice of champions. The differences may be subtle, almost indefinable – a few millimeters here, a few grams there but the improvement in the handling and feel is significant and undeniable.

This gun with its distinctive engraving is available in both High Tech and High Tech Sporting versions and offers all the usual Perazzi advantages.

SRP starting from – £16,660

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