This week’s Gun of the Week is the GBSA award-winning sporting rifle, the Tikka T3X Cerakote.

In addition to all the standard features of the T3X Lite, the new limited-edition T3X Cerakote features a super tough stainless matt black Cerakoted barrel and action and a durable ODG synthetic green stock.

Other features include a super smooth Teflon coated bolt and an oversized bolt handle for better grip and easier follow up shots. Only 200 units have been produced for the UK market and it is available in four calibres: .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester and .308 Winchester.

The Tikka T3X won Rifle of the Year at this year’s Great British Shooting Awards, to see the full list of winners, just click here.

SRP: £1,445
01489 579999

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