This week’s Gun of the Week is the Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint

The Rotex RM8 with its handsome Minelli wooden stock is a real eye-catcher. But many Rotex fans will want to really put this rifle through its paces on hunting trips.

In that case, the RM8 Varmint, with its futuristic synthetic thumbhole stock, might be the superior option. Its black surface is more resistant to scratches, and checkered areas on the grip and forearms ensure secure handling.

The RM8 Varmint features include muzzle break (removable to add a ½” UNF moderator), 232 bar bottle tank (providing around 150 consistent shots), quick fill charging point with manometer, solid metal rotary magazine, 11mm dovetail rail, manual safety and adjustable trigger. 

SRP: £390

John Rothery

02392 245350

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