Fenix TK25 Tactical Flashlight

This compact lamp features a clever rotary head mechanism which turns to switch between different lighting options without having to take it apart. The white R& B version shifts between white, red and blue light, and the IR model offers both white light and an infrared illuminator.

Apart from being able to switch LEDs the TK25 also enables you to change power settings. The main tail switch turns the power on and off and the smaller function switch shifts between strobe and four different power levels from 15 lumens to 1000 lumens. At full power that gives you a beam that is effective to over 200m. In IR mode it shifts between two power modes – 300 milliwatts and 1000 milliwatts – to give a detection range of beyond 100m.

The flashlight is 143mm long and weights less than 60g without batteries fitted – it runs on 1x 18650 or 2x CR123 cells and runtime ranges from two hours on turbo setting to 155 hours on low power. Made from aircraft grade aluminium and covered by a five-year warranty, it comes supplied with lanyard, belt holster and spare o-ring.

From £89.95


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