Market Opportunities: Best cartridges on a budget

Yesterday, we said game shooting doesn’t have to break the bank and we showed you some of the shotgun options available on a budget, well now here are a range of ideal cartridge options.

Pigeon Power 20

The latest addition to the Lyalvale range is the new 20GA pigeon shooting cartridge, Pigeon Power 20. It is a high performance fibre wad load designed to be hard-hitting and consistent over a wide range of distances. The 27g load with number six shot is available in a continental size. 

SRP: From 270 p/1000
Lyalvale Express  01543 434420

F3 Game 

The F3 Game cartridge is a perfect example of  Fiocchi’s 143-year experience in manufacturing. Carefully considering the UK game market, the F3 benefits from super-fast powder, but combined with a modest recoil and well-distributed patterns.

They are also ideal for traditional English guns be available in a 67mm case. The 12GA F3 game cartridge follows the in the footsteps of the clay version, both in outstanding quality and consistency. Available in fibre wads with 30g or 32g of five and six shot and 16mm brass. 

F3 Game 30g SRP: £279 p/1000
F3 Game 32g SRP: £292 p/1000
Fiocchi 01827 383466

RC Ranges

Romagnola is the entry level to the RC range, but don’t be fooled – entry-level cartridges can offer plenty of performance In this case, the stats bear that out – these loads leave the barrel at 1425 feet per second.

These game cartridges are available in plastic and fibre wads in 28g, 31g and 32g. Shot sizes five and six are available loaded in 70mm cases.

RC produce the Titano as their budget priced pigeon and game cartridge. With a 31-gram payload of size 6 shot, it has plenty of killing power. Plastic wads are the default, but fibre is also available. RC say that the cartridges give even patterns that result in consistent kills even at long ranges. 

Romagnola SRP £198 p/1000
Titano SRP £180 p/1000
Shooting Star Ltd  01728 660 372

Pigeon High Velocity Cartridge

Built for faster speeds the Pigeon High Velocity cartridges from Eley Hawk have excellent knock down power. Ideal on those fast pigeons, these cartridges will produce a great bag.

A fast pigeon load in a 32 gram load packs a punch and the new 70mm case length will ensure it will work in all gun types. The fibre wad version uses CSB2 powder for extended range. 

SRP: £255 p/1000
Eley Hawk  01213 523277

Super Game High Bird

Super Game High Bird is the most competitively priced offering in Gamebore’s game cartridge range and comes in both fibre and plastic wad options.

Loaded in a true 2½” case – not a 67mm case length – and with high quality lead shot for optimum patterns and performance. Available in loads from 28g up to 32g, in shot sizes five, six and seven.

Gamebore  01482 223707

NSI Uno Prima Cartridge 

The Uno Prima features a plastic wad, and is available for 12-bore shooters as a 28g load in four shot sizes, including the larger sizes needed to kill pigeon at range.

Featuring a 12mm head brass, it uses NSI’s Prima powder. The cartridge is also available in fibre wad, in 28 and 29g, with the same range of shot sizes.

SRP £24.90 p/100
RUAG 01579 362319

Cheddite Mini Free Shots 

Italian manufacturer Cheddite produces these 30-gram loads, which feature 6 shot packed with a plastic wad. The translucent cartridges have short brass, and are an economic option for those taking plenty of shots. 

SRP: Plastic £226 p/1000
Fibre £237 p/1000 
Malmo Guns  01524 793007

Hull High Pheasant

This cartridge aims to provide the performance of a 70mm load in a case suitable for fine guns with minimum 65mm chamber. It has a biodegradable fibre wad and hardened shot to reduce pellet deformation for uniform dense patterns at longer range.

It’s available in 30 or 32 gram loads of shot size 5 or 6, and claims a pacey 1450 feet per second muzzle velocity.

SRP: £315 p/1000
Hull Cartridge  01482 342756

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