Market opportunities: Night shooting gear

From lamps to night vision and thermal imaging, here’s a roundup of the illuminating equipment night shooters will be buying this winter

Pulsar Axion Key XM30 

One of the smallest thermal imagers to be designed by Pulsar to date, the Axion Key XM30 is ultra-compact and robust with a magnesium alloy body shell.

The Axion Key XM30 features a 12µm thermal sensor with 320×240 pixel resolution, providing exceptional image quality, as well as a detection range of 1200m, along with a magnification of 2.4-9.6x. This new thermal monocular also has a 50Hz frame rate, a stadiametric rangefinder, picture-in-picture mode, multiple colour palettes, all powered by a quick-change B-Pack Mini power system.

SRP £1,269.95
Thomas Jacks
01789 264100  

DD Optics Nightfall VOX-FX Pro

The Nightfall Vox-FX Pro offers a rich image and high performance with detection of thermal sources at up to 1250m. Weighing 420 grams, the unit is well suited for night shooters on the move.

The effective Vox detector with 17µm pitch means the device is especially suited for an after-search. The manual focusing of the 35mm objective diameter allows for an optimal adjustment to any area. 

With 2.5x optical lens and 2x and 4x digital zoom, the 50Hz image frequency offers shake-free images in real time. Featuring white, black, red and full colour modes, the Vox-FX Pro can store over 10,000 images or four hours of video. With long range wifi technology, the unit can be paired with a drone and enables cable-free live transmission up to 40m. 

SRP: £2,300
RUAG Ammotec UK
01579 362319

DD Optics Nightfall IR50

The Nightfall IR50 has a shake-free 50Hz image frequency, is extremely robust (rain, fall, shock) and has excellent performance data in the category of compact thermal devices. Heat sources can be displayed in three different observation modes and can be enlarged 2x, 3x or 4x as necessary. 

With a range up to 800m, the display shows 640×480 pixel resolution and wifi allows for cable free transmission, of images via wifi to your tablet or smartphone during observation, plus the camera also has a video connection and a micro-USB-port and drone compatibility. Users can expect a minimum of six hours of continuous use.  

SRP: £2,200
RUAG Ammotec UK
01579 362319

FLIR Breach 

The FLIR Breach tactical thermal imaging monocular is built for the rigours of tactical use, but is equally at home for wildlife and security applications, allowing users to spot the heat of animals and objects in total darkness.

With a HD resolution display and a compact design, the Breach offers excellent tactical awareness with a 12μm high-performance thermal sensor matched to a 1280×960 high resolution display with upscaling to provide 640 core resolution with an HD display from a 320 Boson core.

The FLIR Breach can be used handheld or attached to a helmet for tactical applications. At only 210 grams it adds minimal weight to any set-up. Additional features include integrated video recording, and seven colour palettes for fast detection of targets.

Scott Country International
01556 503587


The PARD NV008 LRF is a night vision riflescope with a built-in rangefinder. With a range of 600 metres (rangefinder) and 6.5x optical magnification, this mighty unit has the ability to locate quarry and get fox shooters on target quickly and efficiently.

Capable of both day and night use, the Pard effortlessly switches from full colour to night vision mode, meaning users can stick to one set-up without having to switch rifles.

Night time range is a reasonable 150-200yds with the built-in IR or can be pushed further by the addition of an external IR. Other features include 13x digital zoom, micro SD card recording, wifi smartphone connectivity and weaver rail mounting.

SRP: £824.99
Sportsman Gun Centre 
01392 354 870

PARD NV0019 

Pard say their mission is supplying advanced night vision devices at a price affordable to all. The latest to fit the affordable bill is the NV0019, a handheld NV monocular with a 120-degree field of view, 6x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom.

It has the capability to spot foxes and other animals at short to medium ranges in seconds.  And the features don’t end there – battery life is a whopping eight hours with onboard charging and there is even the functionality to allow recording and smartphone connectivity. 

SRP: £259.99
Sportsman Gun Centre 
01392 354 870

Pulsar Thermion Series  

The Thermion riflescopes from Pulsar incorporate some of the latest thermal technology, packaged in a familiar day scope format. The Thermion XM30, XM38 and XM50 units are fitted with a 320×240 12µm thermal sensors, while the XP38 and XP50s have a 640×480 17µm thermal sensor. 

Detection ranges are up to 2300m depending on the model; all models have a digital zoom capability. These fully waterproof (IPX7) devices allows for an instant start-up and have full-colour HD 1024×768 AMOLED displays, featuring eight colour palettes, picture-in-picture mode and multiple reticles in four colour options.

The Thermion series has a rechargeable B-Pack Mini combined power system, providing a long-lasting performance, built-in video and still image recording in .mp4 and .jpg formats, as well as 16GB of internal storage. The scopes are also Stream Vision compatible.

SRP: £2,979.95 – £4,539.95
Thomas Jacks
01789 264100 

MeoNight 1.1 

This night vision attachment is intended to be used in combination with daytime riflescopes to adapt rifle systems to night conditions without having to tie up an entire rifle as the ‘NV rig’.

Alternatively, it can be used separately as a night vision monocular with 1x magnification or with additional 3x magnifying module (booster). 

The clip-on attachment is placed in front of a riflescope using a quick release NAR (MIL-STD-1913) mount, or directly on to the objective of the riflescope by special adaptor.

The device is available with image intensifier tubes (IIT) of all generations and runs with a battery life of up to 50 hours. Also shock resistant and waterproof, the MeoNight offers Eternal Bright Control.

SRP: £4,449.00
Viking Arms 
01423 780810

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