Footwear manufacturer Ariat has signalled its confidence in the hunting market by renewing its sponsorship of The Shooting Show.

For a second year in a row, viewers will be able to watch Shooting Show stars such as Chris Dalton, Stuart Wilson, Geoff Garrod and Peter Carr undertaking stalking, pest control and game shooting activities in a range of Ariat footwear including the Catalyst Defiant, Burford and Torridon models.

Originally a brand with an equestrian focus, Ariat has been expanding rapidly in the shooting world since 2016, with a sponsorship of The Shooting Show since May 2018 really helping raise its profile.

On the show, Ariat boots have been seen doing the rounds on the estate, treading the hedgerows on rough shoots, traipsing through heather on the Scottish hill, wading in Yorkshire mud and more.

Their footwear has truly won over the Shooting Show presenters, with several of the team saying they have now become their go-to boots.

“I have been impressed with the quality and functionality of Ariat footwear for a very long time,” said Shooting Show director, Peter Carr.

“Ariat have a longstanding reputation for quality and reliability, and their entry into the shooting field has been a long time coming. I have tested a number of their products, from hill boots to wellies, and all have been faultless and practical.

“One product in particular is now a firm favourite of mine and I wouldn’t be without them: the Torridon GTX insulated long boot, which is stylish and totally practical for all elements we face in the UK – and comfortable too.

“I cannot recommend Ariat highly enough. They are simply one of the best producers of practical footwear available to today’s shooters.”

James Wilson, Ariat’s VP of sales and marketing, said: “We’re delighted to announce our second year of partnership with the shooting show. We’ve been innovating in footwear and apparel for over 25 years now and always look to work with authentic and credible partners.

“We believe The Shooting Show is also innovating in the way they get great, reliable and entertaining information to the hunting and shooting community. Having trusted authorities like Peter Carr wearing our footwear gives us great confidence that our technology, comfort and durability message is getting over to like-minded people.”

WATCH: Peter Carr stalking roe while wearing Ariat Torridon boots

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