BASC have responded to the criticism of the UK’s leading cartridge manufacturers on the proposed lead shot ban.

Last week, the four biggest cartridge manufacturers in the UK responded to the initiative, led by the leading shooting and rural organisations in the country, on the issue of the lead-shot ban.

The cartridge company’s – Eley Hawk, Gamebore Cartridges, Hull Cartridges and Lyalvale Express, articulated their concerns in response to the original statement that aside from not being consulted on the matter, a five-year timeframe for transitioning away from lead-shot altogether was impossible to achieve without significant investment.

Further to the statement issued by the shooting organisations last Friday and, in light of speculation on social media, BASC have now responded to clarify their position.

They begin: “BASC understands the manufacturers’ concerns for their commercial interests as expressed in their statement on Friday 28th February.

“The cartridge manufacturers were consulted before the publication by the shooting organisations of their initial joint statement on the proposed five-year transition to sustainable, non-lead ammunition.

“Representatives of shooting organisations were in contact with cartridge manufacturers at meetings where the proposed joint statement by the shooting organisations was discussed. A copy of the statement was given to cartridge companies in advance and they had the opportunity to comment.”

BASC go on to say that they are seeking financial support from the government for the cartridge companies to underpin the future development of sustainable alternatives to lead shot. BASC also say they have held meetings with ministers and Downing Street advisors to secure the support.

A senior representative of one of the cartridge manufacturers gave a presentation on the sustainable alternatives to lead shot in January to members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Shooting and Conservation.

The joint statement issued by the organisations last week was accompanied by material provided by the Gun Trade Association, of which the cartridge manufacturers are members.

BASC concluded: “We have always worked closely with cartridge manufacturers in delivering policy on ammunition and we will continue to do so. The shooting organisations are seeking an urgent meeting with the CEOs of the companies to agree the way forward.

“BASC urges all members of the shooting community to stand together as we work through the detail of a transition that will ensure the long-term future of shooting.”


2 Responses

  1. This has been a well plan attack on shooting by the very people who here they to good after us. There is no problem with lead shot game. Its argument is built on bad science.

    The Condors did not eat lead shot deer they where getting the lead off roofs. The Xray they show with the deer with lead fragments in its body and they say they contaminates the meat are also misleading. these are ballistic tip bullets design to fragment we use lead soft noise bullets that do not fragment.

    The did a study in Norway and found that hunters that eat lead shot game had less lead in their blood than townies that eat super market food. So the repealed the lead ban for shooting game with lead.

    So what is this country doing with the misleading science, agreeing with the lies half truths and mislead information to ban lead for game shooting.

    We have to stand up and fight this or shooting will be finished as we know it. You will not be able to use your damascus gun for steel shot.

  2. This has been a well plan attack on shooting by the very people who here they to good after us.

    Should have not use alto text. It should read.

    The has been a well planned attack on shooting by the very people we pay to look after us.

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