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BASC has welcomed Facebook’s decision to remove a post that targeted game farms.

The post, by animal rights extremists, included a map of game farms and game rearing premises.

BASC lodged an official complaint with the social media platform claiming that the post promoted the unlawful targeting of rural businesses. After investigating, Facebook has since confirmed the post breached their community standards and has now been removed.

Victoria Chesters, BASC’s social media officer, said: “The original post sparked a lot of comment on social media and it is to Facebook’s credit that they have listened to the concerns of the rural community.”

A Facebook spokesperson commented: “We do not allow people to promote or co-ordinate criminal activity on Facebook and have removed the post reported to us, whch goes against our community standards.”

BASC Chairman Peter Glenser added: “To target people going about their lawful and legitimate business strikes at the heart of our civilised and
law-abiding society.

“Extremist organisations absolutely must be brought to task when they overstep the bounds of lawfulness and decency. BASC will robustly defend the rights of the rural community to go about their business and we welcome Facebook’s common sense decision.”

The post was removed just a few days after BASC requested the content be deleted and the group in question be blocked. The online harassment follows on from a number of incidents in which pheasants have been unlawfully released and video footage of the activity has been published online.

Glynn Evans, BASC’s head of game and gundogs, added: “We would urge people to check their security arrangements and update where necessary… So the key thing at the moment is for people like game farmers who may be affected to be extra vigilant.

“Of course, if people have immediate concerns, they should contact the police and report any suspicious activities, however minor they may seem.”


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