Beretta Holding has signed an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of Holland and Holland Ltd. The deal took effect from February 1, 2021, although terms and conditions are not disclosed.

Holland & Holland is one of the foremost brands in British gun-making, serving elite international clients with the world’s finest handmade shotguns and rifles.

In a statement, the holding company said: “Beretta Holding has been looking to acquire a premium luxury brand, and Holland and Holland is a fitting partner, fulfilling all the elements of finest gun making; a rich history, independent manufacturing facilities and outstanding products.

“Beretta Holding wishes to preserve the precious heritage of Holland & Holland in the United Kingdom with a high dedication to skilled craftmanship.”

Pietro Gussalli Beretta, President and CEO of Beretta Holding has declared: “This is a truly exciting development and a great achievement for the Beretta family, further increasing the Group’s international footprint.

“Faced with the Brexit challenges, I am very pleased to increase our direct presence in the important UK market, where we are already active with our well-established distribution subsidiary.”

Included in the deal is the prestigious Holland & Holland Shooting Ground, located in West London – one of the premier shooting grounds in the country.

To conclude, the new owners said: “Beretta Holding is committed to the shooting sports sector and has a proud history of investing in brands that come under its umbrella and will continue to do so with its newest acquisition, Holland & Holland, to the benefit of this famous gunmaker.”

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