Voting for the first Great British Shooting Awards will close in just two days.

The results will be collected ahead of the British Shooting Show in February, with the winners set to be announced across 11 categories on Saturday 16th. One category which is being hotly contested is the Outstanding Contribution to Conservation category, sponsored by Blaser.

Under consideration on the shortlist are the British Association for Shooting & Conservation, The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, National Gamekeepers Organisation, Pace Brothers and Rachel Carrie.

Blaser Chief Executive, Robert Sajitz, explained why the awards are so important. “Hunting and the activities surrounding it are at the centre of what Blaser stands for. For us, as a company, conservation and hunting go hand in hand.

“In a world where there is so much pressure on our natural resources one cannot survive without the other. We believe that a sustainable exploitation of the natural resources, we are interested in as hunters can have benefits for the environment we hunt in.

“Who could possibly be more interested in a large biodiverse environment, which will provide the gifts and enjoyment that a successful hunt presents. Conservation and a respectful treatment of the environment is the key. It is for this reason that we have decided to sponsor this award.”


Blasers sponsorship of the awards strengthens the ongoing support they offer the Conservation community. Robert adds: “Supporting productions on Field Sports TV  such as the ‘Life of the red deer’ has shown us the direction of travel we should take as a company. For us it is clear that we have to take a comprehensive approach which goes beyond the sale guns.

“This industry is very much driven by passion for what we do, as a company and as individuals working within. It is important that we get that message out to a wider audience. We will continue to look for more likeminded people and professionals who have put conservation and sustainability at the centre of their work.

“Our approach will be to look for ways to support and promote these professionals in their work,” Robert concludes.

To further promote and support Conservation professionals cast your votes at by 31 January.


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