BSA air rifles are one of Britain’s most established air rifle manufacturers with over 150 years of gunsmithing experience coupled with a state-of-the-art precision manufacturing.

First established as a small union of gunsmiths, the BSA have grown into one of Britains most iconic industrial groups. As the brand have served the country more directly than most private concerns, they are entwined in British history.

The brand continues to make a name for itself to this day. Most airgun makers tend to be satisfied to show off one or two new lines at high-profile events such as the British Shooting Show, BSA Guns however had no fewer than eight new airguns on its stand.

Birmingham-Based Since 1861

At the time of the Crimean War fourteen of the master smiths formalised their position together as the Birmingham Small Arms Trade Association. This was followed, on 7 June 1861, with the decision to form the Birmingham Small Arms Company Ltd.

During both WWI and WWII the BSA produced arms for the government and war effort. In 1914 Rile production increased from 135 to 10,000 per week in two years to meet the demands of the Great War.

Just over 20 years later over 50 per cent of all small arms used by British Forces in WWII carried the BSA name. Over 1.25 million Lee Enfield rifles were manufactured in this time, and over half a million Browning machine guns and 60,000 ‘BESA’ machine guns.

However, their role in the war effort meant that they were frequently a target from German bombers and in 1940 the factory was bombed three times in as many months. 4.5 acres of the 32-acre factory was destroyed and sadly 53 lives were lost. A further 89 were injured. Those brave employees are still remembered to this day, with a dedicated plaque and remembrance area.

During peacetime, BSA’s focus has shifted towards the creation of civilian air rifles, although the official British Army cadet rifles are still produced in-house. However, the BSA continue to pride themselves on being a British institution, still operating from the same factory that opened in 1861.

For many years BSA has been making gun barrels of outstanding quality and are the only volume manufacturer of air rifles which feature Cold Hammer Forged barrels. They are also now the UK’s largest gun manufacturer of any type. To see how the process works, take a look here: (

The impressive product range includes all manner of PCP’s, Springers and Gas Ram airguns. This continues to grow and at the British Shooting Show, a further eight new airguns were introduced to the UK market.

With BSA’s own products, as well as brands such as Gamo and Daisy, there is plenty of movement on the Birmingham-based production lines, in fact all PCP’s sold under the iconic brand names of BSA, GAMO, DAISY or WINCHESTER have been produced in the famous Birmingham factory.

Gun Trade News review the latest additions to BSA’s range here – all of which are now available for retailers to order!

To discuss becoming a trade stockist or to request more details on BSA products please call 0121 772 8543.

Gamo has also launched their brand-new (UK exclusive) website this week – take a look at


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