Bushnell has re-evaluated and refreshed its entire product line to bring the brand up to date with the UK’s competitive optics market.

The company now says it can compete with the best, having established itself as an affordable option in the British market, through distributors Edgar Brothers. 

“We didn’t really mean to go quite as far as we did,” says Jake Edson, Bushnell’s communications manager at Bushnell. “We’d started by giving the Engage line a refresh a few years ago. We’d developed this amazing new lens coating – the EXO Barrier, which bonds on a molecular level to the lens of the optic, so we decided to apply that to the Engage line of optics.” 

Following this, the Bushnell team decided they wanted to evaluate their entire line of hunting optics. 

“It needed a revamp, for sure. The optics were all good, solid and reliable, but with this new breakthrough for our lenses, it was time to look at all the aspects of our lines of hunting optics,” said Jake. There are still products being designed, and Bushnell has also given itself a new look – from the logo to the packaging. 

Jake claims that, so far, it’s been a huge hit with their retailers. “We wanted to make these optics not only brilliant performance-wise, but also have a better look and feel to them than the older models. 

“Part of that is presenting them a bit better – so each product comes in a good-quality box, with foam inserts.  It’s given the products a real boost, matching the quality of  the packaging to the quality of the product.”

Mike Roberts, divisional sales manager at Edgar Brothers, said: “The exciting new range of optics from Bushnell has something for everyone, from short to mid-range scopes, right through the XRS for extreme long range targets. Watch for some exciting new releases soon.”


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