Whatever kind of clay line you’re looking to load up on, we have an option for you in this clay cartridge product rundown.

Hull Sovereign  

Hull say that the Sovereign cartridge “literally vaporises clays”. The load is the choice of champions across clay shooting disciplines, including Richard Chaplow who has achieved more than 150 perfect 100/300 scores at DTL thanks to the Sovereign’s consistent ballistics and moderate recoil.

The load features competition0-grade hardened shot and colour-coded cases for easy shot size identification. High pellet energy helps with extended range targets, and the comprehensive range of shot sizes give shooters ‘the edge’ in all Olympic, International and Domestic disciplines. 

Hull Cartridge 
01482 342756 

NSI MultiTarget Cartridges

The perfect choice for clay shooters looking to use one cartridge across multiple disciples, NSI’s MultiTarget is available in 12-bore and 20-bore. The MultiTarget has 28g of shot, with the 12-bore available in sizes of 7.5 to 8.5, achieving speeds of up to 1,328fps. The 20-bore also has 28g of shot and is available in sizes of 7.5 to 9.5, achieving speeds of up to 1,312fps.

01579 362319 

Hull Comp X 

Hull Cartridge sponsored National Ladies’ Shooting Day in 2019, providing Comp X 21gm 7½ to all the grounds involved. A previous winner of ‘Clay Cartridge of the Year’ 21gm version is a lightening load that produces substantial breaks. Working as an ideal club or training load, the Comp X is hard hitting but with modest recoil.

A choice of plastic wad with cushioning compression stage or environmentally friendly biodegradable fibre wad. Also available in 28gm, the 21gm version produces same great kills but lighter feel. The fibre version is also a great choice for simulated game days. 

Hull Cartridge
01482 342756 

Eley Hawk Titanium / Titanium Strike

Titanium launched as a high-velocity load in 28 gram shot size 7.5 (2.4 mm) and 8 shot (2.3mm) These continental shot sizes are slightly larger than the standard shot sizes and give the shooter extra breaking power. The 16mm Nickel head is engineered to provide a solid base for propelling the load and deliver a smooth cartridge ejection for the shooter.

PSB +3 powder is engineered in-house for high velocity and ultra smooth recoil. The cartridges are loaded with the “A-type” plastic wad system which delivers outstanding clay breaks with recoil and shot cushioning for superior patterns. 

Eley Hawk
01213 523277 

Gamebore Platinum Trap 

Gamebore have also designed ammunition for Trap shooters with the Platinum Trap. Developed in conjunction with GB Olympic Team coach Ian Coley MBE, this trap special features 20mm nickel plated heads, 7.5 or 8 Diamond shot and Gamebore’s F2 powder.

The cartridges have a muzzle velocity that’s been measured at 1475 feet per second. The Platinum Trap range combines the highest quality components to deliver a smooth but fast performance for all Trap disciplines. 

01482 223707  

Eley Hawk VIP Steel Pro Eco Wad

Eley Hawk’s VIP Steel Pro Eco Wads are a fully biodegradable and dissolvable wad for steel cartridges that will leave no trace in the environment.

Made from hydro-soluble ingredients that break down in water within 24 hours, it leaves no plastic residues and degrades into biomass that will have a positive composting effect on the soil it breaks down into. The revolutionary wad  is available in steel shot cartridges, with a 28-gram version available for clay. 

Eley Hawk  
01213 523277

Lyalvale Power Gold  

Lyalvale Power Gold Cartridge manufacturers often have sprawling wide ranges to suit various disciplines and shooters, but in Lyalvale’s best-selling competition load the Power Gold, you’ll find something different – a cartridge designed for all uses across Skeet, Sporting or Trap layouts. The cartridges have a 16mm nickel head and a muzzle velocity given by Lyalvale at 1425 feet per second.

They’re available in a shot size 9 for skeet, in either fibre or plastic wad. They come in a 28 gram version as well as a 24 gram for those shooting in international disciplines or just looking for a lighter load.

Lyalvale Express  
01543 434400  


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