Shooting estates and organisations have remarked on an increase in demand for grouse as a foodstuff in 2017.

As the grouse season ended (effectively on 9 December as 10 December fell on a Sunday), the Scottish Moorland Group said that hoteliers, chefs and home cooks had all shown a greater awareness of grouse as a sustainable food source.

This is thought to be a result of a number of factors, including the availability of shooting for the duration of the season, greater interest from foreign shooters thanks to the favourable exchange rate, and marketing campaigns from shooting organisations.

Robert Rattray of sporting agent Galbraith Sporting Lets said: “Grouse shooting in Scotland continues to attract a truly global clientele, with enthusiasts prepared to travel from all parts of the world to enjoy this most iconic of game birds. These parties are not only keen to enjoy the sport, but also to enjoy eating what is one of the finest culinary experiences, prepared by an increasing number of chefs and cooks at all levels who are helping to encourage the consumption of grouse as well as all varieties of game meat.”


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