E.J. Churchill has built a brand-new gun cleaning facility at its prestigious shooting ground at West Wycombe.

Called ‘The Bothy’, the team had the inspired idea to provide a free to use facility and offer shooters the ideal opportunity to clean their gun out of the sun, wind or rain.

Inside the immaculately built new facility users will find four cleaning stations, two racks of cleaning rods and bore mops, two compressed airline hoses as well as cleaning products from KG, Pro-Shot and E.J. Churchills own formula of oil, along with padded benches to keep shooters guns clean and safe.

The guns can be cleaned by the users themselves or there are plenty of enthusiastic staff on hand to help and advise.

“We decided to show customers how we clean guns here at E.J. Churchill and take something traditionally done back of house out in front of our customers” said Rupert Haynes, E.J. Churchill’s gun room manager.

E.J. Churchill have chosen Pro shot shotgun and rifle cleaning products which are also available in their shop – Rupert added: “I have used the products myself and am really pleased with the quality and level of finish they achieve.”


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