Eley Hawk has announced that its entire ammunition range, in every bore size and cartridge length, has now been certified to CIP standards via the Birmingham Proof House.

Assessments of a manufacturer and their abilities to produce ammunition to the CIP type specification is a process known as homologation, and is a requirement for all UK manufacturers who wish to carry out manufacturing control by themselves. 

Having completed the latest round of CIP Periodic Inspection Control tests – concluding a three-year assessment cycle – Eley Hawk’s certification can now be viewed online at www.cip-bobp.org.en.

David Thompson, marketing manager, said: “Eley Hawk were happy to take this next step to demonstrate their abilities in producing cartridges to the high standards required by the discerning clay and game game shooter in the UK and abroad.”

“We particularly welcome the transparency of the quality we demonstrate where consumers, customers, and the gun trade can check online with the CIP the fact that we have met their standards.

“The process will not stop there and Eley Hawk has committed to the process of submitting further test batches in the future to maintain our approval and consumers can be confident that safety, quality and control are at the heart of what we do.”


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