A new distributor of optics and optic accessories is now trading in the UK under the name Elite Optical Distribution. The new wholesaler is the brainchild of the team behind online retailer Optics Warehouse, but the two companies will be run as separate concerns.

“We’ve managed to obtain all of these brands over the last year, beginning with IOR which is now our biggest selling brand, and we needed to start offering them to the trade because they’re what customers want,” said Shaun Ellis from Elite Optical. “That’s why we wanted to separate it. Get it away from the retail side. With this approach it shows there’s complete focus on supplying the trade.”

Elite Optical Distribution is being billed as a one-stop source for retailers to buy in scopes, binoculars and related products. It has 13 brands in its portfolio, including nine dedicated optics manufacturers and four optics-related accessory brands. In particular the company plans to launch a new range of scopes made by Optisan, who have previously manufactured the MTC branded range of scopes, to appeal to the mass market.

The new business is set to launch its own website in the coming weeks.


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